Jupiter Neptune Convergence


As the energy of Jupiter transits the realm of Neptune in Pisces. The grounded middle space may be the most difficult to maintain while flights of fancy and deep explorations are more the norm. The ups and downs of these upcoming weeks (peaking April 12th) are indicative to an expansion in consciousness. Expanded awareness is just that, expanded awareness. Without color or specific flavor, it is as if all that we touch is suddenly bigger, more intense, more powerful, more important.

This is tough on the nervous system. Drink water, simplify, clean up clutter from your physical and mental space. Take a bath, take some magnesium, schedule a massage, and clear your damn schedule from time to time.


One moment we find the bliss of breathing. At the next we find a deep resounding emotion from our childhood so sweet that it takes us back in time. We can really lose ourselves in daydreaming. This is great, but ensure that the dream isn’t a nightmarish hellscape. Lose the phone and use your third eye. Focus on a crystal and see where it takes you.

We may find that there is no seeming rhyme or reason to the flow. The planets indicate that we are traveling along pathways that aren’t commonly used. Astral projection is quite easy, as is empathy and energy sharing. There are high and low expressions of all potentials, so be sure to find your middle ground in all dealings, especially those involving other people.


This expansion can make us more permeable. Not only are we being opened up with this new budding awareness, but we are also sharting unfamilar paths. This is disorienting to our usually stable and consistent patterns. The way we breathe, the way we eat, the way we set boundaries. They may all feel destabilized. In these instances, it is vital to know what works for you. Basic self care practices (the realm of Virgo which opposes/balances this conjunction in Pisces) are the key to staying balanced.

You may have to spend some extra time considering the way in which you give and receive. Some people just aren’t going to fit anymore… trust your intuition, you may be thinking about them right now as you read this. How do certain people make you feel? Do they truly value your time and energy? There are billions of people in the world, you won’t be sad and lonely because you exit toxic relationships. Quite the contrary, for each step you take towards respecting yourself, more people will come closer with loving and positive intentions.


My greatest tip for this time is to keep track of your life. Write down how much you spend. Have a bedtime for yourself. Set a budget before entering a store. Know how far you wanna go with a partner. Create checkpoints for yourself throughout your day and life. There are numerous ways to do this, come up with your own, it will really pay off.

What do you do before bed and when you wake up? Try to create a healthy routine…


The natural world is just jubilant at this planetary exchange. The rocks, the rivers, the trees, the cacti they all are perfectly prepared to receive this upgraded energy. Their sentient yet not intellectual presence allows them to receive the highest vibrations without having to go through an ego death. They are aligned with the rhythms of the Earth and her stellar counterparts.

For this reason, go experience it. A short time sitting by a pond, a lake, a river. Even better, go take a nap in a forest!! Speak to the trees, let them know that about your experiences. Remember that they are here for you, connected to the Earth by strong roots, waiting to deliver the good good!


The expansion of projective energy is an opportunity to see oneself. It is a gift to see how we use others as learning tools. All that we see is a reflection of self. Be sure to reign in your beliefs to involve you, first and foremost.

If the way you are thinking involves someone else more than it involves yourself, that is a key sign that you are giving your power away. We all do it, but it can hurt you long term and confuse you.

Try this… in every interaction, commit at least 51% of your energy to yourself. No situation or person outside of you will ever receive more than you receive from yourself.


Overall this time is highly unpredictable. Changes come in a flash from out of nowhere. While we cannot predict the future, we can set energy in motion right NOW that will influence the outcome, even if just slightly.

Meditate on future situations that will have you and everyone around you experiencing their highest potential. As things are open to changing, put some efforts into releasing deeply held grievances or frustrations.

In your interactions, focus less on being right. Choose compassion and understanding. The next moment, you could be the one needing help or having a hard time.

Finally, connect to your higher power, in whatever way that works for you. Have faith in something, anything. Realize that the group mentality will always cry out loudest when it is off kilter. The mainstream collective beliefs are no place to find light and love. Your inner space has all the resources you need, and when you own that, it is shared with all beings around you at all times.

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