Full Moon April 5th 2023

Full Moon @ 16° Libra April 5th 2023 Exact 9:34 PM PST Hooked on a feeling?Well, definitely exploring the feelings… energy is easy to come by but without moderation our vessel may be spent. The emotional intelligence is high, but do we want to accept the responsibility that comes along with it? Nothing is perfect, … Continue reading Full Moon April 5th 2023

Neptune sextile/trine Nodal Axis

Neptune sextile/trine nodes Activated March 10th - April 2nd 2022 Supported by the sextile of the north node, the unseen and collective are being propelled forward. No growth comes without discomfort, so that is a good sign. We grow by expanding and that doesn’t feel so great. The trine to the South Node easily expresses … Continue reading Neptune sextile/trine Nodal Axis