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The Nodes of the Moon are transiting out of the Tropical signs of Taurus and Scorpio. On July 17th the Nodes shift into the signs of Aries (North) and Libra (South). As July comes to a close, there are massive energy shifts coming through.

A transit of the Nodes to a sign last 18 months. On January 18th 2022, the Nodal axis shifted into Taurus (North) and Scorpio (South). The moment we are in, from now and for the next few months (Until September 2023) have a similar theme but, of course, a different flavor.

From mid July and through September of 2023, the nodes will square Pluto. Aspects of the nodes to Pluto indicate an evolution of our Soul’s expression. As this is a collective transit (meaning we all go through it), we can expect it to be profound. In the Tropical zodiac, Pluto is finishing up 15 years in Capricorn. Besides a very short jaunt (now until January 20th 2024 and September 1-November 20th 2024), Pluto will reside in Aquarius until January 19th of 2044.

Pluto in Aquarius / Pluto and Uranus

Richard Tarnas, one of the world’s premier astrologers, looks to the aspects of Pluto with Uranus as the greatest change makers and awakeners in human history. Check out his fabulous series on this topic “Changing of the Gods”. Pluto entering the domicile of Aquarius has the deeply provocative, exposing and transformative power of Pluto working in the realm of unexpected, long overdue, and revolutionary shifts. Basically, things are gonna change and advance (Uranus/Aquarius) in deep and unseen ways (Pluto) through a process of death and rebirth (Pluto) in technological advancement and restructuring of human potential (Uranus/Aquarius).

Pluto in Aquarius is a constant Pluto Uranus aspect. Expect the unexpected on levels which we may have repressed, suppressed, are unconscious, or have yet to be introduced/invented.

How to prepare for this? Well, follow your intuitive signals and take absolutely nothing for granted. We don’t exactly know what the future holds other than change. Take each day one at a time. If we become too comfortable, that process or comfort zone may easily be pulled out from under us. Stay alert to your internal process. Invest in self so that you are a strong pillar of stability during uncertain times. We will need each other, find ways of working through blockages in relating to the world. Judgements are okay, but we can’t let them rule our actions towards groups of people. The extent to which we deny our interconnectedness may just be the extent to which we end up NEEDING others. Set goals where you don’t exactly NEED others but you desire interaction, interdependence, and interconnectedness. Cherish the opportunities to work through and transform the self, community, and society. Joy and fulfillment is not about what we own or what we do, it is in the FREEDOM of being able to DO WHAT WE LOVE and BE WHO WE ARE. Work to build a world in which everyone has this right. Set boundaries quickly and be open to feedback, without denigrating yourself. Everyone has a voice, even if it triggers you. There is a difference between what we say and what we do. Sometimes we say things because we are learning what is RIGHT and WRONG. Safe spaces for expression are vital to this process, otherwise the student has nowhere to explore themselves socially and may resort to self censoring, leading to unbridled eruptions of unconscious personal and collective demons. Temper your triggers, always ask how you can change your approach to something FIRST, instead of asking others to shift at the first sign of discomfort. What we see in others is US. What we ask of others we should be willing to be asked of OURSELVES. Souls come to Earth to learn, we are all imperfect. Punishing others for being ignorant does not make a better world. Work on yourself so that you may be a living lesson.

The Previous Nodal Shift (January 2022)

For an understanding of how this time may feel, consult the time period between January and March of 2022. During that time period, we were being subtly yet powerfully aligned with our Soul path. At this time, the North node was trine to Pluto, bringing about changes and uncontrollable forces that propelled us towards a more fulfilling (if not altogether challenging path). The trine energy is not exactly negotiable. Things simply happen, and we are inclined to go with the flow as it is much like a landslide, requiring less effort and often bringing up a feeling of ‘this is meant to be’. Some of the more difficult changes that were aligning during this time period may have just come to fruition. Another aspect of the trine can be a lack of motivation to ‘take on the work’. An inherent trust can come through that things will work out. This is true, but it can also mean that some important and pressing issues get left until the last minute. Nothing wrong with this, but to best understand how this shifts may have affected you, it’s important to make the connections between what happened THEN and NOW.

This Time is Different (Getting Squared)

Where the previous Nodal Aspect to Pluto was a trine, this time it is a square. Any planet at the midpoint of the Nodes is referred to as being at the ‘bending’. A point that has been important to Astrologers since the Nodes have been studied. When a planet is at the bending in one’s natal chart, it is indicative of a ‘skipped step’ in previous incarnations. The planet at this point has the opportunity, in this life, to express itself in some previously unexplored fashion. This is also known as the maximum interference point to the nodal access. The planet is in such high focus, we are encouraged to refine our relationship to it. Making up for lost time, doing the things related to the planet that we may have not before.

There are exact points to this square (July 22nd, 25th, and 28th) but the aspect is already in effect from now (Mid July) until September 2023.

We are encouraged to engage the transformational properties of Pluto. Moving out of the controlling, survival, dominating shadows of Pluto and into the unknown ‘ego-death’ realms of faith, deep exploration, and letting go. Pluto is the only planet that can offer the idea of death and rebirth. This is no small feat.

That which you have been trying to shift for a long time comes to the surface. It may be that you are at the tail end of something very important. In that case, stick to your knowing, trust your intuition, and don’t be swayed when the emotional weather shifts. You KNOW what to do, and the challenge is getting it done is your work for now.

Perhaps you are at the beginning of a journey? In that case, know that what you are starting will forever change you. In all that you do in this new undertaking, be caring, be vulnerable, do your best to foster the most broad foundation possible. Whether the job, relationship, or adventure lasts for the next few weeks or the next few decades, trust that it is part of a new beginning. What is uncovered through these projects and interactions is the vital information you need for the next 18 months and also 20 years.

Much that happens in our lives is a precursor to the next adventure. In a sense, we are always being ‘set up’ by the universe. Cosmic alignments are NOT the most straightforward to coordinate.

Loss and Gain

Change is just that, you lose something and you gain something else.

When we lose deep connections, we feel deep grief. Grief offers us the ability to GAIN back the space previously occupied by that which we LOST. Like scrubbing the grout so you may see just how spotless you can be.

If you find yourself in the midst of loss or grief, keep your eyes, heart, and mind focused on what you are gaining. Without some grieving, you would not fully reclaim the space, the power, the awareness that is YOURS.

During this time period, many things will have to end so that new ventures can begin. It is possible and probable that both are happening simultaneously. This can be a lot to take on, so ensure that you have plenty of outlets and time to yourself. Whatever helps you recover and rejuvenate must be given extra investment and focus, otherwise you may notice your performance dipping.

So let go of things. Control, people, possessions.
If something is a ‘maybe’, allow it to be a ‘no’.
No need to force it away, but only go towards the things that are a YES.

What I am can never be destroyed.
The pieces of me that fall away were masks and costumes.
When I tune into my heart,
I know that I am forever and eternal.
I allow the force of my soul’s expression
to purge of patterns I no longer need.
As things shift and change,
I keep my focus on the love in my heart.
As new opportunities arise, I look at them with excited eyes.
From now on, I am aligned with authenticity.
I welcome the journey, from darkness to light.
I embrace self love without a fight.

Final Notes on this Shift

As stated before, many if not all of these issues have been on the table for a long while. The focus on what NEEDS change is heightened. It is highly advised that we stay sober. Escapist tendencies may have us being hit very hard with REALITY. The skeletons in the closet are coming out, so ensure that your light is on bright. Things were packed away for a reason and for a season… The reasons were holding you back, and that season has come to an end. If something in your life is toxic, just take space from it. We are all in this together, experiencing these monumental waves and shifts. If I were to try to save you as I was drowning, we would both go down. Take care of yourself, your teachers and students will find you as you do this work.

The soul is the ‘bigger work’ of this lifetime. In my work over the last decade, it has become clear that we are here for something. While there is plenty of chance and happenstance, a framework underlies our life here on Earth. That does not mean that it is going to play out, necessarily, but at the very least, the potential is woven into our current life.

I have gotten away from this ‘path’ many times. I do believe that most of life has not been in perfect ‘alignment’ with my ‘ideal path’ as seen by the goals of my soul. That is in no way a failure. The soul is architecture outside of time and space. Within this temporal realm on Earth, we have a chance to hold a piece of this soul and directly audit or work on it. Each life and every circumstance offers possibility for growth and change. When the soul resonates with the opportunities, we feel it. We may feel specifically drawn to or repelled by something. The aspects of Pluto to the nodes, which occurs about every 9 years, is a time when these callings seem to have extra gravity.

Keep your eyes peeled, be willing to release anything at anytime. When you are free to choose and move about, you can experience and express more love.

Does any of this language resonate with you? James has been working the field of Astrological Consultation and Healing since 2012. He has a distinct ability to see each client for what they need to find balance and a sense of empowerment.

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