Finding our Edges :: August 22nd-27th 2023

Mars in on a Journey of Self Discovery
Venus and Jupiter are leaning us towards the dreamy
The Sun is seeking practical structure and karmic balance

Mars 27° Virgo opposes Neptune 27° Pisces(Tuesday 8/22)
Venus 15° Leo squares Jupiter 15° Taurus (Tuesday 8/22)
Mercury 21° Virgo Retrograde Begins (Wednesday 8/23)
Sun enters Virgo (Wednesday 8/23)
Mars trines Pluto 28° Capricorn (Thursday 8/24)
Sun 3° Virgo opposite Saturn 3° Pisces (Saturday 8/26)
Mars leaves Virgo and enters Libra (Sunday 8/27)

The upcoming week has so much going on. This breakdown should give you some tips for navigating the range of variable and powerful energies. You may feel that you don’t know where you are going, but by next Monday, you have a grasp on what needs to be done to move forward. Ideally, your movements are aligned with that future, whether you know it or not.

Mars opposite Neptune (8/22)

Challenged to know what is actually happening, a little unfocused but very creative. The mystery of life inspires us to explore our inner mysteries. Hold your space in time. As you see the beauty and love in the world around you, remember you are in a house of mirrors and wearing colored glasses. Sometimes rosy but sometimes darkened.

Remember that oppositions are about that which is outside of us. Be extra careful with drugs, medicines, and anything that brings you out of your body. You’ll find that meditation and sobriety are enhancements to reality during this time.

What we feel has away of tricking us. When these tricky feelings inspire us to take action, it can cause problems down the line. Ensure that the inspired action you are taking is in the ‘here and now’. Long term decisions may feel extra shiny and aligned, just wait out the week.

Either way, enjoy the ride and try to philosophize instead of decide. Ain’t life a dream? Find your presence, and prepare for a trine to Pluto.

Venus squares Jupiter @ 15° Leo and Taurus (8/22)
for the second of three times during its retrograde pattern.
(3rd and final time 9/16) 

Too much of a good thing is not a good thing. With the Sun opposite Saturn (8/26) looming, keep your energy and resources under a watchful eye. Play it conservative in your celebrations. A little moderation goes a long way, as will inner work.

Venus squaring Jupiter fosters an abundant mindset that is hard to challenge. If well researched, investments during this time can go very well, just ensure that the expectations are based on reality instead of feeling, wishes and dreams.

If you are into creating art, music, food, or exploring love… go get it! And remember that life comes in waves. Things have a way of balancing. Maybe don’t elope just yet, wait a week or two ⏳

Sun enters Virgo (8/23)

As the Sun moves into tropical Virgo, it also opposes Saturn while meeting with regulus. Karma is wanting to balance, be careful of spite, revenge, and bitterness. These can cause a degeneration of goals and positive karmic blessings. It is a great time to sit with yourself and reflect on where and how we can let go of resentments.

We are all doing our best, and even if your standards see the efforts of others as ‘not enough’, do your best to accept them as ‘divine alignment’. –> We all get what we need.

Mercury Retrograde Begins (8/23)

Mercury turns retrograde @ 21° Virgo (Wednesday 8/23) enhancing the Virgo energy. During the period lasting until the end of September, Mercury will dig in and reorganize our approach too many details, habits, and patterns. Our routine ways of being are experiencing an audit. 

Remember that a planet in retrograde has the ability to enhance our awareness. Seeing things from another angle and having extra time and focus to look at it. What we uncover during retrograde is often more challenging to integrate but incredibly valuable. Hindsight isn’t exactly 20/20, but it is a much clearer picture than what we saw as things were unfolding.

Mercury and Venus Rx Together

During the period August 23rd until September 4th (9/4 Venus goes direct and Jupiter Retrograde begins) Mercury’s Rx coincides with Venus Rx. 

The brain and the heart can become lost and engaged with similar confounding issues. A moment outside of time where what needs to shift must shift. Our awareness is peaked. Often, that is all it takes to tip the scales towards change. Later in September, as we move out of Virgo season and into Libra, we can establish a new inner authority. For the time being, this will require diligence as well as surrender. What we want and what we’ve wanted may be getting in our way. Attachment to outcome may cause us to fall into temporary blindness. The exposure of new information about what we desire, and feelings around them are here to release us from the past. Each of us accepts and works with this at a different pace. Within your relationships, foster space, detachment, and communication.

In order for us to know what we want and need, we need some room to hermit and reflect. To feel our heart without the reverberations of other beings. God speaks when we are silent.

Mars trine Pluto (8/24)

Where once there was a lack of clarity with Neptune, there is Pluto, there is face slapping undeniable truth. If we want something bad enough, we may just sacrifice integrity to get it. This is not recommended, however, as being heavy handed may have us buried in consequences unseen. If you don’t want to take care of everything, don’t fight over the little things. Anger is a theme here… well, frustration, as we get kicked in our depth, exposing that which has been simmering in suppression, denial, and overly sacrificial good intentions. If those around you aren’t safe to share with, reconsider your connection to them. First and foremost, however, take responsibility for when, how, and what you share. If you wouldn’t want to be treated a certain way, don’t treat others as such.

Mars in Libra (8/27-10/13)

Mars will have aspected the three trans personal planets in their exact order (Uranus, Neptune, then Pluto) prior to moving into a sign (Libra). In Libra, it really is much easier to consider doing things than it is to take decisive action. This can have a positive effect… there will be new bridges built. Communication with each other will be key. There will be more restraint, assisting us in being responsive instead of reactive.

Before and during Mars in Libra (8/27-10/13) It is important that we express our energy as opposed to holding it in. If held in, we can foment and become bitter. Trust that what you have to say is valuable and meaningful. When expressed with honesty and tact, we are giving other people the opportunity to work with our wholeness.

The shadow of this transit of Mars in Libra… resentment and passive aggression. If we have spent months or years (think the last two years) being ‘less than honest’ with others, our true feelings may be a bit unbearable to hold in any longer. Like a container that is full and fermenting, we need to off gas. It is a noble act to attempt to create happiness and harmony around you, but don’t forget that from chaos comes clarity, and sometimes we just need to argue to let off steam.

If, on the other hand, we have been rabble rousing and creating drama, this time could be a serving of humble pie. Balance is key in all things. If you like starting little fires and being an instigator, take a big step back during this time and focus on yourself.

Communicate Your Needs

Keeping feelings and thoughts to ourselves for too long creates a mental and emotional battle. If this becomes a pattern within a connection, a war could break out. The most kind, empathic, and loving of humans fall victim to the pattern of people pleasing. I warn you of this, as over time ‘people pleasing’ will only serve to degrade the foundation of your most meaningful connections. The foundation of these relationships is honesty and authenticity. Without these, nothing meaningful will last.

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