Mercury and Venus both Retrograde :: How Rare is it? 8.23-9.4.2023

Mercury and Venus both Rx
How rare is it?
Including August 23rd -September 4th of 2023…
Over an eight year period, there will have been about 6 weeks where both planets were simultaneously Retrograde.

Mercury and Venus will both be retrograde from today (August 23rd) until September 4th. While Mercury goes retrograde several times a year, Venus goes retrograde less frequently (about every 18 months).

These are time periods of accelerated focus and expression. The events listed below are not here to foster fear but to highlight just how intense these times can be. If you take a look at the specific events in 2017 and 2018, you can see that a multitude of other factors were indicated.

Over the last 8 years, these are the days when both were in Retrograde.

April 9th-15th 2017
On April 13 the United States dropped the “Mother of All Bombs” (MOAB) in Afghanistan, targeting ISIS tunnels in the Nangarhar province. It was one of the largest non-nuclear bombs ever used in combat.

****On this day the Sun conjunct Uranus, Venus conjunct Chiron, and Moon opposed Mars just days before the Sun trine Saturn****

November 16th 2018
On this date, the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in California’s history, known as the Camp Fire, began. It devastated the town of Paradise and surrounding areas in Northern California.

****Mercury square Neptune, Venus station Direct opposite Uranus, Mars square Jupiter, Uranus square Nodes****

June 18th-25th 2020
January 14th-29th 2022

Both of these dates indicated widespread of the ‘Virus’ and lockdown measures.

Why 8 years? Well that is a Venus cycle.

The Venus 8-year cycle, also known as the “Venus Synodic Cycle” During this cycle, Venus and Earth trace a specific pattern relative to each other and the Sun. Venus’s orbit around the Sun creates a pentagonal pattern when viewed from Earth over an eight-year period.

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