The Moon is Important

Before the last 100 years, astrological understanding was built on the placement of the moon and the ascendant. These were the primary points of getting to know oneself within the natal chart.

With the advent of circulating horoscopes, it was much easier to gets reads and attention through focus on the Sun Sign. This, however, offers very little insight into the personality at all. The sun moves through all twelve signs of the zodiac in 365 days, spending about 30 in each. This is a generic indication of energetic dynamics. When it comes to your Sun Sign, more is indicated by your house placement as aspects to the Sun than is shown by the sign.

The moon, however, changes signs every two and a half days (2.5 x 12 = 28). This means that the signature of the moon is more personal. Thus, look into your moon sign, get to know it, you’ll get to know yourself.

Aries – built to go, instinctive, unrefined yet gorgeous, starting new ventures, craves attention, needs completion.
Taurus – stable, present, takes time to change, investing time and energy, craves opulence, needs down time.
Gemini – communicating energy, thoughtful, high energy, nervy, a connector of info, craves novelty, needs focus.
Cancer – security oriented, nurturing, intuitive, sensitive, craving connection, needs safe spaces.
Leo – bold, loyal, exposed, passionate, fierce, fluctuating ego, warm, craves reassurance, needs stability.
Virgo – thoughtful, mentally oriented, internal, investigative, practical, helpful, need alone time.
Libra – passive, observant, rose colored glasses, a connector of people, craves balance, needs community.
Scorpio – attractive, magnetic, strong, deep feelings, isolated, terrible at small talk, needs depth.
Sagittarius – busy, fun, expressive, bored easily, an explorer, craves adventure, needs excitement.
Capricorn – independent, strong, a teacher, cold, great teammate, dutiful, craves purpose, needs projects.
Aquarius – aloof, lonesome, big feelings, detached, unconditional loving, craves freedom, needs mental stimulation.
Pisces – wonder, deep awareness, comes in waves, profound sense of knowing, craves union, needs healthy habits.

Don’t know where the moon was when you were born? Calculate it here

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