Full Moon April 5th 2023

Full Moon @ 16° Libra
April 5th 2023
Exact 9:34 PM PST

Hooked on a feeling?
Well, definitely exploring the feelings… energy is easy to come by but without moderation our vessel may be spent.

The emotional intelligence is high, but do we want to accept the responsibility that comes along with it? Nothing is perfect, but when we accept our role in things, it is as good as it can be.

If we knew all the answers there would be no reason to be here. Can we shift our approach to see #fault #flaw and #pain as loving redirection from the universe?

Planetary relationships are peaked and developing. Think of aspects as enhanced contorted and blended expressions of the planets involved. Everything is a gift, but some gifts require mastery in order to take advantage.

chiron and #sun #moon

  • Chiron is conjunct the sun, opposing the moon 4/5 We are living our healing, others can help us see the reflection, but be careful if projecting a savior or victim complex, they are one in same. Save yourself through focused action towards goals.

mercury and #northnode

  • conjunction 4/5 Listen to the higher messages, tune in and sit with self. The past is more of a haunting, so focus on the NOW and let it build your future.

mercury and #Saturn

  • sextile 4/5 Expressions and thoughts have a way of crystallizing effortlessly. Speak your truth to #god and let the blessings rain down. Tackle challenging work with grace and ease. Make a to do list today and tomorrow. This one will be helpful in the next few weeks.

venus and #neptune

  • sextile. 4/7 Tap into the good vibes without losing your center. Love is blind but not dead and dumb, know the difference. Sweeping overtures of romantic whimsy are wonderful, but check in every morning to see where you stand. Euphoria and intoxication can get out of balance, exercise and challenge your body to stay grounded.

sun and #jupiter

  • conjunction. 4/11 A lovely time of the year. Whatever is sprouting gets a wonderful boost, socializing is encouraged as is moderation. Have an adventure, try something new. Budget and track expenses. And don’t forget about your solitude. Take time to recharge now and then so you can shine like the sun.

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