Saturn into Pisces :: 2023

By March @ 7am pacific, Saturn will have shifted into Pisces. This makes March 6th the last day of Saturn in Aquarius. Saturn will now spend the next 6 years dancing in the realms of Neptune. First, Saturn hangs in Neptune’s home domicile of Pisces. Then in February of 2026 Neptune and Saturn enter the sign of Aries and enjoy their first conjunction since March of 1989 in the sign of Capricorn.

In astrology, Saturn is considered the ruler of aspects and interactions in which it is involved. In our world, Saturn rules the structure and boundaries of things. If one can influence what comes in, what comes out, and the framework of an experience, one can become an authority. This is what Saturn does, the role it holds.

Neptune, however, is the one planetary energy that is diffuse enough to dissolve the boundaries of Saturn. In 1989, during the previous conjunction, Saturn was at home in Capricorn, offering more power to Saturn to hold together under the influence of disorienting and dreamy Neptune. Uranus was also involved at this time, which lent itself to a more Aquarian and unpredictable shifts to the normal way of doing things. If you were born around this time, you already know how different you are. Stay present, we’ll need you all.

This time that approaches, from March 7th 2023 through 2028, Saturn simply isn’t as powerful in the traditional sense.

Saturn’s Dance in Power

While in Pisces from 2023-2026, Saturn must deal with the realm of Neptune while Neptune is home. Saturn in general isn’t as effective at his practical and grounded work in this sign. Expressions that seek to be ‘to the point’ have a way of becoming ‘less than focused’. The areas of concern are too vast and undefined for Saturn to audit in an unemotional and business like manner. Pisces and boundaries… Pisces and focused practical work… Pisces and ‘being an inner authority’… these hallmarks of Saturnian expression are anything but comfortable in Pisces.

Saturn in Pisces is a stern and serious energy embodying emotional awareness, compassion, and sensitivity. It is not bad, just a bit awkward, unproductive, and maybe even confusing. This type of transit has us questioning what is true. This time has us considering whether our foundations really matter or are even real.

Neptune’s presence in the sign of Pisces is a multiplier to the debilitating effect on Saturn’s traditional ways of being. Saturn never really gives up, but will have to negotiate with some terms of service not easily agreed upon.

The creative dreamer blends with the entrepreneur, the boss, business owner, the politician. Or perhaps people in these positions begin to take on larger causes. Whether by choice or by force, this wave of compassionate consideration is essential. Pluto has deconstructed and brought to light the working of the ‘old gods’ if you will. Religions, governments, rules, rulers, economies, norms and traditional mores are all being reconsidered and updated for our modern world. We need to think bigger. We need to think globally, spiritually, cosmically. Whether it is about extra terrestrials or the practicality of space exploration. 

Considering people over profits, considering soul in conjunction with the body and mind. Talk about a necessary shift.

Saturn and Neptune together may feel like a spiritual hurdle that is too damn high to jump. I would advise of seeing it as a ladder. A double helix of soul memory woven with soul potential. We use one to spring upward to the other, and the dance continues. The combination of the two is a wonderful combo for deep and profound expansion of what we teach and learn. That which unfolds during this period will inevitably lead to some sort of enlightenment.

Whether the enlightenment comes through learning from our mistakes or our good choices is up to us. Probably a combo of the two. If we are able to see what is coming, to harness that intuitive sense (Neptune) in our bones (Saturn) then we can avoid some major pitfalls. If, however, we take our stubbornness and knowledge (Saturn) and use it to project or self aggrandize (Neptune), we may create the pits, fill them with snakes, and have others keen on the idea of jumping into them.

Predictability goes out the window and instead we have instability in the name of expansion. Thoughts, patterns, and practices that are too rigid need a refresh. There must be a loosening. When we expand from within, the gaps fill naturally as we experience life. When we refuse to open and expand, we are often forced to endure challenge to open up. So receive my friends! 

Doubt itself is a master explorer. The ‘what if’ and the ‘maybe’ turns into a consideration of what is possible. It has us questioning truth at its very core. There is a lot to doubt and good reason to do so. Any assertion of complete truth is a logical fallacy. Logic, at it’s core, is based on the fact that we really don’t know. Consider these times an exploration of truth and reality itself. Somewhere in the exploration, we get a sense of what is possible.

A closed heart neither receives nor transmits a healing frequency. So ensure that, if you seek something, you are willing to crack your shell to receive it.

The structure of our knowable universe wants to concede to the wisdom of being. There are natural laws that exist in all things. These rules and laws of nature may not be quantifiable or easily traced back to their origin. It is through practices like meditation and surrender that we learn about them. If you wanna know what is real, stop interfering and just pay attention. Stop controlling and just flow. Instead of DOing, try BEing.

Saturn has been working overtime and getting some legitimate payoffs. Now, things are changing. Working hard and being an authority needs to seek a higher purpose. Something workable for all the facets involved. When Saturn is in such an exalted position as it has been for the past 6 years, things get out of balance. Where is the joy? Where is the fun? Where did our dreams go?

Deepened and exposed by Pluto and Jupiter in 2020, agitated and electrified by Uranus in 2021/2022… Saturn needs to take a chill pill. We are freaking tired.

So Here we Go…

Everything is connected. Systems that benefit some at the expense of others are primed to go through a serious audit. If I crush my toe to take focus off of my headache, I am still hurting.

In much the same way, if we burn coal to save gasoline, what are we really doing? Of course there are logical arguments for it, but it is really the best way to advance and move forward. Progress for progress’ sake? Not now, no thank you.

Saturn lessons are hard earned and therefore they last. Contracts are binding. The bones are vital to form and function. Regardless of you resisting authority, they still have power over your life.

We can’t really walk away from these things. There is no escaping what is coming for us. All of the grids are effectively connected and this transit is a sign of the times. When it is in the water and the air, the soil and the ether… we cannot escape no matter how far we run.

The analytical and logical mind may find this time to be challenging to say the least. However, if we can expand our concepts of reality, if we can question the structure and framework of our inner laboratory… we can glean the insights of the universe.

How do you expand?

How do you heal from wounding?

I’m what ways do you create peace in your life?

These practices are essential as the global population faces its delusions. The self doubt we all feel is part of a collective evolution. Forcing us to question things to relieve the mental pressures of doubt.

Instead of expecting a messiah to come (a collective delusion), we awaken the inner messiah. We find our inner compass and never let go of it. Having a great sense of self and direction doesn’t mean you won’t get lost. It just indicates that you will find your way, regardless of how thick the brush gets.

When I can be at peace, my world is peaceful. When we all find peace, challenges are fewer and further between. The ones that do arise are opportunities to shine and work together in harmony.

Trust in the universe is built on trust in self. That comes through exploration and trial and error. The greatest confidence I have enjoyed has come through conquering challenging situations. How do I get into challenging situations? Well, I go out and act like a fool! Like the fool in Tarot. Just grab what you need and go for it. As we say in nature exploration… ‘figure it out’.

As much as you can open will be as much as you will grow and receive. Ensure your people are the ones you want around you… then GO!

Fighting for the Ego :: Surrender Your Pride

Finally lets talk about acceptance. There are some things that you simply cannot control. Pisces is the sign opposite of Virgo, there is a balance here. When we find ourselves too invested in something, we are often getting carried away in some minor detail. We take a little piece of the puzzle and make it out to be the reality. This is a magnifying effect that I connect to the Virgo expression. Pisces simply cannot do that. If we are too focused in some specific way, Piscean energy will turn us inside out and upside down as a form of exploration. When this occurs, we are immediately humbled in our confidence or pride.

Knowing how many sides there are to a story makes us far less likely to commit to any single narrative. It fosters a level of acceptance, in part, of how small our role is. The ego likes to think otherwise, that we, just GET IT. When confronted by a wave of undeniable options, timelines, and possibilities, the ego has two choices. Subside or defend itself.

So while I say that this time can foster acceptance and surrender, this is not necessarily the case. In the shadwo expression, this time can create some of the loudest and ugliest ego dances you can imagine. The power and stubborness of Saturn defending an ego that is being attacked by universal wisdom.

Sometimes we all just believe what we want to believe. When we are questioned, we do what we can to defend our stance and choices. Knowing when we are doing this is a dance with shadow, and we can’t always get in alignment with light.

Be aware of how your shadow defends itself. Be willing to surrender your deepest beliefs to the unknown. Not to ANOTHER belief, but just to the fact that… WE DON’T REALLY KNOW.

This is a prime time to look into new fields and opportunities. How will these transits affect your Natal Chart and your course in life? Sessions with James will help you discover more about the potentials of this time.

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