Chiron Venus and Jupiter :: Create Feel and Learn

You should be concerned for your life!
Yes, we all should. A general sense of ‘what the heck is going on?’ is helpful.

We’ve been born into a world where a lot of what we think is us… actually is not. Consider that pretty much every system that you work with was created BY and FOR someone else.

We need things to be for US. This doesn’t mean ownership, possessiveness and control. No, it means that as an individual SOUL, your journey has to allow for that unique expression.

The blockages we feel aren’t about us, they are about working out the wrinkles in our energy field. The wrinkles in time that have been preserved, like a crunchy time capsule.

If you have a hard time believing in past lives or alternate realities, perhaps this isn’t’ the blog for you, fair enough. Chiron has to do with our deepest wound. At this time in the solar system, Chiron is spending time with Venus and Jupiter.

Chiron’s connection to Venus brings that wound into our EVERYTHING. Yes, the everything. Venus is the ruler of our sense of magic. The core essence of our reality. When Venus goes through changes, we all go through changes. One her own, the shifts and Rx of Venus have us seeing reality in a different way. There is a magic to Venus that compels us and draws us in. The way in which we experience things, not how we experience them, that is Venus.

When Chiron meets with Venus, there is a reckoning around our view of our wounds. Chiron, in general, is unseen. It is always felt, but not always looked at. That which we repress or deny will eventually speak to us through unconscious means. We may, in fact, find that when Venus and Chiron come together, our projected pain lands on the actions, choices, or presence of another person. Our relationships become filled with a questionable grievance or frustration. Handled with care, this can have us learning what is under our surface. Like WHY do we do certain things? Self sabotage, anyone?

The last week or two could have had us running headlong into the fields. Not realizing it was getting dark, we don’t have enough water, or maybe that field is full of dangerous animals. Venus has been coaxing the Chironian themes out of us. Today, March 2nd, we sit and we look at where we have gone. If the journey has been mostly internal, then the healing is yours to parse out, the pain is being felt pretty intensely. If the journey has been external, involving other people and various relationships, this time is a little more complicated but also you have more people to work things out with.

If you find yourself in complicated relationships, trust that your self focus will be a salve for the pain. If you find yourself alone, trust that community with strong communication and boundaries will help you put it all together.

Some of us are comfortable with this pain, we have felt it since the day we were born. ((wondering about this? Where is Chiron in your chart? Are there aspects? Reach out for a READING with James to talk more about your chart and Soul’s journey)) If you are one of these beings, you may find that you are called to HELP during this time. For many lifetimes, you have been building the ability to hold a very specific and painful feeling. The pilgrimage to this time of great awakening may have your bones aching and head full of fog. Remember your calling, remember the truth of your soul. There is an unquenchable thirst within you. Never stop going, never stop filling your cup. Your service is a star in the night sky for many, keep yourself burning brightly.

As Jupiter finds its way to Chiron ((March 11th/12th 2023)), we have another level to this whole paradigm. A healing CRISIS!

Let’s talk about crisis. Crisis isn’t the worst thing that could happen. It may be the most uncomfortable that anything could FEEL, but it certainly is an opportunity to acknowledge what is true, disregard illusion, and get find long lasting solutions.

When the water is polluted, that is a disaster. However, if there is a way to filter it or other clean water to drink, we don’t exactly have a crisis. A crisis is when we have no water left to drink. It forces solutions, it begs everyone to reconsider how they use water, it increases awareness of the value of water. Prior to this crisis, we could maintain the consistent poisoning of this precious resource. When we are in crisis, there is no more space to allow for things that, well, are WRONG.

So Venus had us running headlong into our field of projection and wounding, now Jupiter is going to show us exactly what has been going on the whole time. Jupiter is going to expand and light up all of the dark parts. Whatever we have created and wherever we have gone has been painted with a certain type of illusory technicolor paint. Jupiter will expand this projection until we become so exhausted that we can do nothing other than accept the truth of a situation.

Jupiter aligning with Chiron is an expansion and exploration of our deepest wounds. The things that we do, as humanity, that go against our own best interest… these things. The patterns endemic to our societies, that subjugate and persecute… these things.

Have you been witnessing the increasing predictions of disaster and apocalypse? Personally, I don’t care much for that sort of rhetoric. I believe it to be Chironian in nature and mostly self aggrandizing in the most negative way possible. It lacks the essence of personal power. Like bleeding out from a self inflicted knife wound and telling others that ‘We are all gonna die!’. If you are involved in a community or working with a ‘teacher’ that predicts apocalypse, I urge you to get away from them.

This time is a crushing blow to bullshit, internal and external. To believe what you are told, without questioning it, will have you the victim of those who seek to escape themselves so thoroughly, that they seek to control others.

Some bridges go nowhere. Some ventures are simply to escape ourselves. In the end, we never get any further away from our problems, like dirty laundry on the bed that keep piling up, we are just further and further from a night of peaceful sleep.

This time is about YOU. Your primal desire to survive and thrive. If we all live on that primal level, without considering how it impacts others, we will destroy ourselves slowly and methodically. It is narcissistic selfish act to ask others to make us feel better inside, that is our job. When we do it well, even the slightest interaction with others will have us feeling bliss.

The next nine days hold the glory of insight. Don’t miss out. As you come together with your communities, jobs, and families, remember their role in your life. You are an ever expanding consciousness, learning about your own journey as you make your way back to the bosom of your source. Each person is gifting you with a valuable lesson. It may feel as if you want MORE from them, but resist the urge to try to GET it. Look inward my friends, we are in this journey together. If I ask you to stabilize me, how the hell will you stabilize yourself.

The lessons that unfold right now will express their story over time. So be patient.
When we take care of ourselves, the collective sea is a little less difficult to navigate. This, to me, is the greatest service you can make to humankind.

Put yourself in a position of personal power. Ignite your flame and walk with it. Beware of those who attempt to sell you on ideas or solutions. Enjoy being alive, rewrite the painful narrative. This is a birth, not a death.

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