Mars Rx Closes :: The Bigger Picture

The first Mars Rx after the pandebacle…
Righteous anger, feeling out of place.
Projections of control and domination.

While there are legitimate reasons to feel as if someone is controlling you, collectively we are currently processing the frustration of the last three years. Restrictions from freedom were abound in 2020, 2021, and 2022 with aspects between Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in 2020 followed by Uranus and Saturn and 2021 and 2022.

The previous Mars Rx in Aries was under the auspices of lockdowns and vax debate. It was literally an internalization of the primal desire to survive. We turned inside of ourselves like hot screws being driven into our guts. A time of doubting our own breath and ability to move freely. It still wasn’t a safe place for people to feel like they could be messy. Instead, it was a time of repression and depression. 

The world at large lived under a police state to preserve some semblance of safety. Whether or not it was effective or necessary is no longer important. Of course it will be discussed for decades, but that isn’t going to feed or heal us. We should always learn from our mistakes in order to avoid similar patterns in the future.

So in the fall of 2022 we delved into this activating Mars Rx to see what we feel and why. The extended quincunx from stationing Mercury (January 14-24th) just adds another level of quasi confusing multi layered potential for misdirected hostility and passive aggression. In a simpler sense, the Mars Rx in Gemini ends with an attempt to explain why it all happened. Try not to target anything, it won’t serve you or what you care about. Let’s remember that Mars isn’t out of it’s shadow until mid March 2023, so there is still plenty to discover and realign.

Whew!!! If we can bring all of this to conscious light, we can get our heads out of our collective asses. Where they have resided since early 2020. An ostrich buries one’s head in the earth, humans generally in their backside. We hide from ourselves and the harshness of reality through self delusion and consuming our own excrement. Something that should be left out to compost, opinions and musings, become the backbone of stubborn arguments. To put it plainly, we are awakening from a reactive state. Whether or not we decide to move to a responsive one, is up to us as individuals.

Who and what are you actually frustrated with? During the last few years, were you upset with those who couldn’t make decisions for themselves? Are you now beginning to understand just how hard it can be to choose?

The intensity of this Mars Rx has accentuated, on a deep level, what is possible. Through doing this, it has made the possible seem more ‘likely’. Some things that are possible aren’t very likely. Some things that are likely we don’t want to be possible. The back and forth continues, sweeping us one way and then the next. We, as active participants and observers to our soul’s expression, can do little but to choose when the opportunity shows itself.

When it is hard to decide or act, it’s not necessarily about the situation, it’s about the level of internal stress and outer complications. This maniacal mathematical equation can multiply ad infinitum until there is no seemingly smart choice. Escape may feel like the only option. If you find yourself in this conundrum, I urge you to reach out to me or to any person who can listen and hear you, you deserve that and you are loved.

Escape is important, like an animal being hunted, you must find a way out. The key is to go THROUGH it…

Thus we live in the discomfort of not knowing… consider this…

Faith is a bridge over a raging river of fear and doubt

Trust is walking that bridge

Sadly, the designers of the bridge decided to make the bridge invisible 😂

When we focus on faith, the bridge becomes easier to imagine and feel

When we focus on fear, the raging river swells with crocodiles and broken glass, rising to consume us

When we feel doubt, the bridge seems like a delusion

This time is a massive test of our discipline and faith. Where do we hold our minds? Where do we point our focus? What do we believe in? What is a worthy investment and why?

Devils and temptations everywhere… trust that you called these in, they are here to strengthen you. If we have trouble resisting something, we have an unmet need, even if that need is to set a boundary for ourselves, we have to meet it.

If we want something enough, we must be willing to wade through the muck in order to have it. We must also be willing to respect that, if the thing or person doesn’t want us, that we must let it go. Faith is not about getting what you want. It is about trusting that we must strive for what we know to be right, and that we will be just fine regardless of outcome.

When this all shifts, when Mars is back out of shadow, when Pluto is into Aquarius for a spell (think April 2023)… we will see why this was happening. Until then, we are in the thick of it. Clear yourself and rebuild your heartspace whenever you get the chance. With the quickening pace of activations and growth, the generating core can get a little wonky, don’t forget it is OUR JOB to maintain ourselves.

Sparks and insights will fly between now and then. Mercury and Uranus (January 22nd) come out of Retrograde and Saturn marches into Pisces. However finding solid ground may be challenging as the tectonic psycho spiritual plates shift into their new positions. We are still landing from what happened years ago. A backlog of 3 years, of 15 years (Pluto in Cap), helping to usher in a new dream (Neptune and Jupiter met in April of 2022 in Pisces). Saturn, over the next three years, will help in this process. (Saturn meets with Neptune in Aries in the early summer of 2025). Kindness wins as the ocean of compassion rises up and swells over our sea walls of stubbornness and narcissism. The restrictions and boundaries of Saturn can finally meet their match in the sign of Pisces along with modern ruler Neptune.

A stark contrast to 2022 and Jupiter Neptune. Saturn Neptune asks us to actually get real with ourselves while also showing us where we have walls for no reason.

This is a time to let go, so it may feel out of control. Roll with it, that uninhibited movement reveals the bliss of being.

One of the greatest lessons taught to me by Astrology is this…

If we know what is coming, we will sabotage it, or at the very least complicate it.

The blessings (of which many appear as challenges) that the universe has in store for us are so perfectly woven into the collective and individual experience that it behooves us to be blind to them. 

Sometimes a wave hits you from behind, knocking you to the sea floor, face full of sand, salt water burning in your sinuses. You rise up, shake it off, and snot rocket out the download. Within minutes you are breathing clearer than ever, and your heart is racing with excitement and gratitude for the stable shore. What did you release at that moment? Does it really matter? One thing is for certain, you aren’t the same, and you can’t change the past.

More waves are coming, protect your vessel. 

Center in yourself so that no knock down drag out battle can take your center away.

As a warrior of personal consciousness, it’s not your job to control your environment or predict your future. It is your privilege to embody the moment so fiercely, that the universe bends in your personal favor through the ups and downs of existence.

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