The New Year Cometh

Ending 2022 – Beginning 2023

Tuesday begins a dreamy revisitation of the last year through the guise of emotion. In Jupiter’s wake, the moon now dances. Seeing visions of what was and also what could have been, shake off the excess and guide your vision towards a bright future.

A poignant Wednesday seeks closure but also fosters fondness. The ephemeral seeps in through the cracks in our sense of reality. The moon finds Neptune and distorts time and space. Things change and morph in unexpected ways.

The moon meets with Jupiter on Thursday and kicks off the energy of the new year a touch early. A decisive and directed vibe comes into play on Thursday but not without a ton of careful consideration. Mercury turns Rx and has us considering the last few months, but also every turn on our Soul journey (more on that here…/the-soul-shines…/ )

We might just blast off into the New Year before the year actually begins. Stay present with the process and let it play out. Conserve a bit of energy for the weekend where we can feel both cozy and uplifted. This is a great year to just cuddle up with someone you love. For the celebration of the new year, keep what you desire closest to you and hold it tightly. Parties are often hyped and overrated, focus on pleasure and comfort. Eat what you want and feel zero guilt ❤.

What we carry through the portal will manifest big time, so clear yourself and put down the weight. Those around you are working with you and support you, own that.

Sometimes the fastest way to get somewhere is to move slowly and methodically. You’ll make less errors and have to do less clean up. Plenty of life to live on the other side. You are loved and protected, honor that.

The big lift off is in the New Year, not before hand, New Year’s day will have some unexpected uplifting qualities. Use this energy to begin your gregorian cycle with motivation and excitement.

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