The Soul Shines Through :: Plutonian Review

On the evening of December 22nd and overnight into the 23rd, the moon moves into Capricorn, joining the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Pluto.

Since Venus ingressed into Sagittarius on November 16th, there has been at least one personal planet in this mutable fire sign.

Things are changing! They are getting more pragmatic and kinda serious. In addition, they are calming down. If you were getting away with something squirrelly before, expect that issue to be under investigation. While things are getting more stabilized, they are also intensifying and crystallizing.

Something new that you loved for the past 5 weeks may suddenly seem uncomfortable and unfamiliar. The time period between the 16th of November and the 23rd of December has been one of intense exploration. New and exciting ventures, perhaps even a disregard for personal boundaries. It is possible that during this time, as we stretched our social and emotional wings, we broke through to a truer version of ourselves.

Now, serious inquiries replace generalized insecurity. This journey might help uncover deep projections of wounding which could lead to the undoing of long standing patterns. The patterns are, in fact, from a long time ago…

As each planet crosses Pluto, we see a culmination of the last 14 years. This is the second to last Capricorn season while Pluto is still in Capricorn. 2023 into 2024 will be the true finale.

Since November 27 2008, Pluto has found its way through the Earth sign. Whatever shifted around that time period is now coming full circle. Perhaps it is only a part of the complete cycle of soul development, but it is a chapter nonetheless. The next month is rife with symbolism and impetus for evolution. Whatever happens during this time will surely come back to say hello next year during Capricorn season as well.

For now, consider the idea that what you see and feel has very deep roots. We still have to play things out, however, and the people, jobs, illnesses, and circumstances that are here right now are the ones we have to work with.
This understanding can be used to foster compassion. This understanding can be used to see from a higher perspective. If you find yourself challenged, know that this challenge one day will be looked back upon as one of the most helpful things that has ever happened to you. The culmination of this past decade and a half is bigger than the last 14+ years. Pluto is bringing us back to our Souls.

Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn

For now, let’s just say that Mercury Retrograde will have us delving even deeper into the patterns and issues discussed in this article. Look at the period between December 7th and December 28th. Keep an eye on the issues, topics, and situations that unfolded. As the retrograde unfolds, we will be asked to go through upgraded waves. Face it with a conscious mind. No matter how much it triggers you, stay afloat, stay sober, stay present, find gratitude without allowing yourself to be used. Violence and spite solve nothing, use healthy expressions of anger as a means to an end. See this through, see where it can take you. Don’t repeat the same mistakes over again, find a new route. Polish your soul, don’t degrade it with shadowy intentions and passive aggression. Be clear to create the light that is needed.

The Archives of the Soul :: Lifetimes as Chapters

Our Soul is lost and at the very least obscured when we are born.
From the moment that we are born, we have just been through a concentration of our awareness. The limitlessness of the Soul has been, for a time, put on the backburner as we explore the specific experience that we call life. Gifts that we have accumulated over lifetimes are left in the Akashic storage containers. Some of them waiting to expand during specific times in our lives. Astrological transits are, by nature, an energetic delivery system, a messenger. It is often the case that during transits from the outer planets, individuals find themselves awakening to previously untapped gifts and talents. Sometimes coming in the form of people. Sometimes coming in the form of loss or grief that clears away old patterning, thus making room for the new. At just before 30 years old, I was introduced to Astrology. As Saturn transiting my natal Saturn and then Pluto, I downloaded more than a lifetime’s worth of astrological knowledge from a wise and friendly Master Astrologer Montgomery Taylor. Prior to this I did not even know that Aquarius was an air sign. Within 1 year, I was being paid by friends to do readings and within two I had a practice. This is the type of uncanny awakenings that happen during outer planet transits. To me, I have done this before, I have taught and practiced Astrology in alternate lifetimes and places. My Soul was scheduled to deliver this information back to me at 30 years old. Now that the connection has been made to the gift, it won’t ever be forgotten… at least, not during this lifetime.

The Soul spans lifetimes.
This isn’t it. This life isn’t all that happens! We are living as students to our environment. Every seeming restriction and challenge is classroom where we can play out different potentials. These are spaces for learning. It might not all seem like playful discovery but I urge you to consider things from this vantage point. Without escaping our life altogether, can we step away from the intense construct that our world has embedded in our psyche? Yes, live for the day, live for the moment, but also live for your Soul.
This isn’t your first go round and it isn’t your last. We can find peace when we detach from the suffering of a limited existence. Some things, in this life, will never get dealt with. No matter who you are, and how organized and focused your life, as it ends, there will be things that you did not get to. Whether on a physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual level, there will be more to do.
When we begin to understand this, we can release a lot of pressure. You have lifetimes to get everything done. Just considering this eases things up a bit. At the same time, this lets us know just how valuable the moment can be. We step into this arena, we are given tools and challenges, then we have time to work through them. We are always perfectly suited to handle the challenges as they are presented to us.
No need to strive for something else or create our own conundrums. Trust what is in front of you. If something else is on your mind or heart, the time to handle it will come when it is time for it to come.

When we die, we are completing a specific life cycle.
This is not to say that we are complete, but a portion of a journey is ready to end and a new one begin.
Death is in no way an enemy. The experience of loss and grief inherent to death is one of the most important and ubiquitous parts of life on Earth. Without this striving to survive and avoid premature death, we wouldn’t really be here. This obsession with and aversion to death is actually killing us, haha. In order to live, we must, at some point, die. It’s pretty simple, but in no way easy to accept or understand. The profundity and poingnancy of an experience is often fostered and bolstered by it’s looming termination. That feeling when you know a loved one has to head home. The end of a competitive sporting event. The last bite of a stellar snack. The fact that it is coming to an end gives a new level of appreciation and investment in the experience. Perhaps death is just a way of ensuring that LIFE itself is emphasized.
Each life cycle is a finely tuned and orchestrated event. The ups and downs, the ins and outs are laid out in front of us. Like a map on a video game, there are boundaries and pitfalls. Within the game, we are the avatar, exploring how we can work with the certain limitations.
The we animating the avatar is bigger than the entire experience. To be keenly aware of limitations is to understand one’s infiniteness. Like water flowing into a container, our Soul fills our lives with ourselves as we wash back and forth into possibilities, relationships, jobs, and adventures. Colliding with our previous and future potentials, life gets pretty intense! This is okay, it’s part of the plan. The alchemical transformations necessary to achieve our Soul’s intentions require us to fall apart sometimes. Being too sure of anything has some major flaws. If our certainty denies a possibility, at some point our certainty will be challenged, and this is a good thing.

The limitlessness of being refuses to be held in check.

On a larger scale, our Soul is aiming towards certain experiences.
Just as we don’t really know the depth of our Soul, we also are somewhat clueless to the Soul’s intentions. When we know what is coming or what is being planned for us, we have a way of overthinking it, of getting too involved and trying to control the process and outcome.
We have groomed ourselves into these bodies on Earth. I believe wholeheartedly in a deep review period between incarnations. Looking at what has transpired over many lifetimes, seeing the consistencies and inconsistencies. Knowing what we choose and then aligning and preparing for it. Until the moment comes of ‘OKAY GO’ and boom, we are here on Earth in the middle of a seeming firefight.
Bamboozled by our own desire to unify with Source, we stumble over our ego attachments. We come face to face with our control tendencies on a scale so large that there is no avoiding it. Despair is just a sign that you are getting in touch with something that challenges your very will to continue moving forward. This, my friends, isn’t a terrible thing.
It may feel awful, as if you are dying. It may feel that something is ending, and it is. The illusion, the patterns, the cycle, is coming to an end.
Sometimes, we just don’t get to know what we are heading into. The Soul makes certain of that. Colluding with the cosmos to expose and unfold the knots in our incarnation cycle. When it breaks open, the reason for the knot is felt like a detonation spanning lifetimes and universes.
Faith is essential on this journey. For without it, you are alone and destitute akin to cosmic rubbish. Having forgotten the inherent value in simply BEing, a cold settles in that penetrates the bones. Whatever we were living before, it was in the way of us becoming glorified light beings once again. No better or worse than anyone else, but on our way back home…finally.

Seeking to grow and expand is the nature of consciousness.
Becoming something more than we are is the nature of our ever expanding consciousness. We will be challenged on many levels throughout our life experience. Breaking down old ways of being is essential to growth. However, being stubborn and stuck is exactly how we keep those patterns in place. So there come these moments, where the will of the Universe is at odds with the will inside of us. Ouch, that hurts, my identity is being crushed like a tin can. The can was a container for something great, and now it has become a prison. The small ways of thinking were a testing ground for theories which now are ready to explore an even larger container. Upwards and onwards, upwards and onwards, until our consciousness can fully fill our Soul once again.

Consciousness is what you are, aware of your experience and choosing how to interface with it.
We are consciousness. I should say, we are all things. Our essence, however, is something intangible, something undiscoverable. Through experience, we learn what we are. We can learn facets of our personality, but that isn’t really learning about what we are. We can learn about our chemistry and biology, but these are just views into the inner working of an avatar in a strange place.
Our true nature is awareness of our own existence and power.

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