Sun crosses Galactic Center :: December 14th-22nd

We can get lost in any realm

Physical or spiritual

Emotional or mental

You are bigger than all of it

A myopic approach will leave imbalance

When out of balance, our bodies and minds show us with sickness and disease

Pay attention to the imbalances

Maybe you need to think and meditate less and take more action

Maybe you need to slow down and just sit and do nothing

For just a short period every year, the Sun aligns with the center of the Galaxy. Our Solar System is currently in a position where the lights and energy of the Galactic Core is able to find us directly.

The solar system is pretty far out from the Galactic Center

The Galaxy is relatively flat compared to how wide it is. If it were very small, it would look like a record or compact disc (omg those references are antiquated in 2022 lol). Our Solar System goes up and down to either the top of the disc or the bottom of the disc. This process takes many thousands of years. Currently we are entering one end of that spectrum. Because of this, the light and emanations of the Galactic Center will strike our system more directly. As we stand outside of the direct flat line of the disc, there is less interference of the Galactic Core energy (less planets and stars in the way). Light and radiation travels fast, but when obscured by obstacles, it decreases in intensity and impact.

To simplify, the Galaxy’s Center has a direct line to the Sun, and to Earth. This won’t change in our lifetimes, and if anything, it will only get stronger.

The ins and outs of how your soul expresses its needs are up to you to discover. A book a guide or a healer can only, at best, key you in to tips and tools on your path of self discovery. You have to learn about yourself.

As the sun crosses the galactic center, we are likely to notice where we are lost. From now 12/14 until 12/22, this energy is alive and vital.

A great time for reflection and rest. Going inward and exploring. Remember that this time is specifically unbalanced. It is geared towards the ephemeral, the psychic, the deep unknown. Bring balance to yourself by taking a walk, listening to music or a podcast, doing some journaling, and spending time with people without using substances.

Whatever it is you obsess over, find a way to focus on the opposite polarity of the obsession. If it is a fear of losing someone, focus on the connections you have. If it is a fear of getting sick, focus on your health. If it is a toxic person you really can’t stop talking about or contacting, contact someone who is solid and grounded, ask them for advice.

The galactic center represents authenticity. It is the great exaggerator in that the black hole at the center of our galaxy clears away illusion, often by showing us just how ridiculous it is.

You can invest in whatever you want. We can dream a massive dream. At the end of the day, however, there are rules to this temporal and physical reality which we can either obey or fight our entire existence. In my experience, accepting the rules helps. From there, we can work with them, instead of trying to recreate our entire reality.

From within this reality, we can shift the patterns and habits in our own lives, thus shifting the collective experience.

We are on the precipice of something amazing. Regardless of what humanity creates, this shift was coming. Connect with the natural world and take time both alone and without technology. You’ll find the greatest connection to the unseen during this time, enjoy it.

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