Stop Managing Your Life and Live it

PHOTO :: Boucher Canyon, Grand Canyon National Park

Can you enjoy something without judging it?

Maybe the positive result is the experience itself!

There is no limit to the beauty in our lives. The moment that one experience passes through us, a new one has already begun.

Our mind is our tool for navigating this life. When we focus on something, it becomes more real and there is a gravity around that topic or detail.

As the dance of life carries forward, our mind can lag and project into the past or future. This discourages us from experiencing the new stimulus, the new gift.

Our world is something else… I mean, such a blast of energy and opportunity from every angle. I know, first hand, how hard it can be to stay clear of attachment, obsession, and neurosis. Analysis is kind of fun and feels very safe, almost is if we are building a scaffolding around ourselves.

This structure, these judgements, assessments, and beliefs can be dangerous. The joy of being alive is already aligned for us, and we often only mute that joy with our minds.

I urge you to break free, to observe the intellectual monkey mind but DO NOT feed it. When we have to prepare for and understand everything, our bodies go into a different mode of being. We begin to feel burdened by our own self created responsibilities.

I am here to tell you to challenge this idea that you have to figure anything out. The right path unfolds through living, thinking is a helpful side partner when the quest becomes tense. We don’t need to create excess tension.

Take some time to breathe and to feel.

Remember there is a big difference between thinking about feelings and actually feeling them.

PHOTO :: Boucher Canyon, Grand Canyon National Park

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