A Sobering Adventure :: Sagittarius —> Capricorn

Shifting Passions
Pragmatism and Adventure
Risk and Investment

We have been out on quite an adventure. Sagittarius Venus Sun Mercury happening just after a rugged and deep delve during the Scorpio eclipse season. Mars has been playing the role and antagonizer, instigator, and fuel source from its opposing position in Gemini.

All of this was exascerbated by the newly forward moving Jupiter and Neptune that formed sqaures from Pisces to this already dreamy and expressive dynamic.

Mercury has moved into practical and grounded Capricorn and Venus will make her way there later today. The Sun still has just under two weeks in Sagittarius but the shifts of Venus and Mercury, combined with the passing of the Mars opposition, puts us back on solid ground.

The sun still looms large in Sag and will cross the galactic center over the next week and a half. So we aren’t done with over exerting or the drive to overdo it. What has changed is that Mercury and soon Venus will offer a more conservative mental and sensual energy. We will be more likely to think about and feel the risks we are taking. The sun may still say ‘go live’, but the mind, heart and senses foster caution. This is a balancing act and with sag in the background and a Mercury Rx in Capricorn coming, I’m gonna recommend that risky investment financially and romantically be considered very deeply. A review period comes when Mercury turns Rx on the 30th of December, preshadow begins December 12th.

Jupiter moves into Aries on the 20th and will initiate some new endeavors once again. This time, however, we will be driven by the more grounded and realistic expectations of Mercury and Venus in Capricorn. When the sun enters Cap on the Solstice, it will create a square to Newly minted Jupiter in Aries, opening up a challenging yet constructive and dynamic path forward.

Who have we met during the last three to four weeks? How have they impacted our lives? Was it just a flash of fun or is there something deeper underneath?

It’s fun to just feel and lose yourself sometimes, but what really gets you, underneath it all? Where do you want to be for days and weeks on end? Who do you want to wake up to in 7 years?

Investments made during the last year come home to roost with a special emphasis on how we’ve handled finances. The pressures or blessing of money will be exacerbated over the next few days and into the beginning of the new year.

There was massive communicative and relating energy in the last four weeks, how did we invest that? The repayment or balance is coming, don’t fight it, it’s not an attack, it is the pendulum that you pushed out swinging back at you.

If we sent it out with fear and knives, it may be sharp and scary. If we went it out with love, honesty, and kindness, it will be a wave of easeful blessings.

If you can notice something you’ve done in the past month that is less than conscious, use today to say some prayers of forgiveness. Go outside and breathe deeply, honoring your imperfections as the keystones of your learning. Tell the people you’ve hurt that you are aware of your mistakes and you are thankful for the safe opportunity to play out the dynamic.

Be open to forgiveness and to people changing their minds. When the passions are changing so quickly, people don’t always want what they wanted before.

Thank you for reading and please comment like and share. Let me know how this time is playing out for you ✌🏼

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