Touch the Depth

There is a pressure being released from the collective. We have been wounded and programmed to accept ‘lack’. When in a state of lack, we cannot see that we are in such a state. Glimpses come and go, but in order to truly see our lack, we must hit a ‘rock bottom’ or ‘ultimate depth’ of the lack experience.

For as long as resources are collected and distributed by a few, our world will play out this lack mindset. The current state of affairs is an expansion of consciousness seeing itself. At some point long ago, this system was the ‘way’. That time, however, has passed. The age of Aquarius is coming through in an entirely new fashion now. We are all going to ask questions.

It will no longer be acceptable to repress and deny. These patterns of the human psyche have their role. In certain situations, it is critical to belay awareness of aspects of ourselves in order to complete specific duties and meet needs. The problem is that we have taken this gift and used it to forge iron monuments of self deception.

It’s gonna take a little time. You’ll understand it, in the future. These unhealthy patterns have been here a while. We’ll all feel better, when it’s over. In our lives, there’s been heartache and pain. I do believe, we can feel well again. For now, know that you are, loving radiant light.

We’ve been tripping over ourselves for so long. It’s not a time to run forward into oblivion, but a time to look down at the ground. This is where we come from. What kind of path has been paved for us? How can we work with it, to make it more manageable?

Were you told, as a child, that a savior was coming? First of all, I am sorry that you were misled. No savior is coming. For that savior, the rescuer, the helper is already here. He she live within you. They are waiting for their opportunity to come out and play. This IS the work of the ages.

For generations there has been an undue respect paid to the hierarchy of egocentrism. Meanwhile we wonder why our own egos destroy us daily. When we are winning, wow is it fun. When we are losing, wow is it not enjoyable. When we win, at what cost to those who don’t?

We have forgotten who we are. We would never be here without each other, we would be lost and alone. That just isn’t what life is about here on Earth. We are meant to unify and work together, not to compete and tear each other down.

dance with the love in your soul
break down the walls and sing
everpresent heart nurturing joy
surrounds you to no end

As we walk into a new age of individualism, prepare to practice self care like never before. Step one, remove toxic presences from your life. Move on my friends, move on. There is nothing to be healed or preserved in an unhealthy environment.

It can be exhausting to be ‘noble’. Let us not forget that we are human. I feel anger, sadness, jealousy, spite, bitterness. Expressions of the darker parts are not an option. When we sublimate our rage, we get sick. Angry at ourselves. Does rage necessitate hurting others? No, of course not. When unexpressed, it hurts us. You have the right to be angry. Anger can launch you into a new expression of self love. See anger as fuel for the projection and maintenance of boundaries.

If we don’t stand for ourselves, we all fall. Under the auspices of power hungry beings, this can get very ugly very quickly. I urge you, in all that you do, to get a hold of yourself. Understand that many will have zero interest in your awakening to power. These beings are here to remind you that your purpose is not to be fulfilled in their presence, keep moving. Galvanize yourself, and be at peace, knowing that loving YOU is your primary objective.

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