Energy Moves and Clears :: April 10th, 2023

Today the moon moves through Sagittarius making trines to the Aries stellium of Chiron, Sun, and Jupiter. What is awakening may have us shaking, but we can use that energy to move ahead on projects and blockages. The key is to stay focused on where you are headed as opposed to where you’ve been. If you are feeling troubled or wounded, that means you are paying attention, don’t let it stop you from building a better tomorrow.
Venus moves into Gemini tonight. Where it will reside from April 11th until May 7th.
Two notes on this…
1. There is unfinished business to tend to, perhaps things that have been unfelt.
2. New perspectives come through, fresh air and a little bit of fun by tomorrow morning.
This could be disorienting, but sometimes we have to forget what we know in order to learn the truth of a situation. Stay open and do your best to not make emotionally driven decisions. Patience helps, but be sure to actually pay attention to the signs.
The sun exacts its conjunction to Jupiter April 11th. We are already feeling this energy. Some things may be getting blown out of proportion and other things are getting ignored, do your best to find the balance. We may have to get physical energy out to really know what is going on underneath. Stay hydrated, make sure to feed yourself, and pay attention to all the needs of your body. If you feel that you need a boost, step outside and take some deep breaths, faith and support are there for you.

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