Venus square Saturn :: April 13-14th 2023

Gemini to Pisces @ 4º

Work for pleasure. Pleasure from working. Getting to the truth of feelings. Making decisions. Creating lasting change in approach to relationships. Finding new ways to structure agreements. Bringing something tangible to your relationships. Restrictive feelings. Unrequited love. Love of structure and form. Benefit from dedication and duty. Building something that feels good.

Saturn holds together some structure as this interaction begs to explore everything possible. The Gemini Pisces combo fosters big and varied ideas, experiences, and feelings. It can be hard to know what is going on at times. Agreements made under this influence may require some hard work to maintain but are well worth it. Conversely, make sure that what you agree to is worth your lasting effort. Maybe there is a way that life can be restructured without removing the foundation. Conversely, perhaps the foundation is exactly what needs work, and loftier goals may have to be set aside for a spell.

Just because you can imagine something, it doesn’t mean you can make it work. Some things are, for lack of a better term, broken. While it may be fixable, the time spent ‘broken’ is a vital part of the experience. If it feels like a delay, remember that time spent without something can clear projections and build new gratitude for it.

If something is held back, consider the restriction to be a guardian or at least a helpful guideline. Show faith and patience, what is meant to be will inevitably come to pass. The heart is strong during this time, nurture it, be your best friend.

Dance with your ideas and know what to toss out. Some inspirations will require further discussion or input later, so write them down. Foster discipline through focused attention to practical needs and long term projects. A little bit can go a long way. Build momentum and run with it.

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