Mars trine Neptune :: May 14th/15th 2023

Mars trine Neptune

If you have Mars Neptune Aspects in the Natal Chart, this may be read as a thematic interpretation

Bringing the physical aspirations to a higher level. Understanding what it is that we are here to do. Biological urges have a higher calling, when we understand this, we can ascend to a different level. Our bodies talk, they speak constantly and give us messages. Some of the messages that we receive are more of ‘urges’ or ‘impulses’. These messages are the lower vibration of something bigger. The urge to have sexual contact is the urge to express one’s creative energies, or the desire to have a child with another.

Whereas often these impulses can be a driving force to our actions, with Mars trine Neptune we are given the opportunity to follow the drive all the way up to the heavens.

The desire to mate or partner up, when seen from spirit’s perspective, is the desire to blend with self. You are your own partner. What we see in others is US. This doesn’t mean that we spend our lives alone, but at the very least, we can find the love within to sustain us when we are alone.

A firm foundation of union with self creates space for us to bond with others in a deep and profound way.

Life, and all its trappings, offer opportunities to develop and polish our soul. Regardless of how intense the life experience, we are shifting on levels unseen. Mars trine Neptune speaks to taking on sweeping spiritual changes through staying present with the mundane. Conversely, this aspect speaks to downloading spiritual energies into the physical. 

Love is about more than what we do. Often it is about what we do not do. 

Love is about more than sweetness. Often it is our intense truth that brings the most loving outcome to a situation.

Time isn’t holding us back. Time is giving us the chance to work with what is in front of us, to see change and shift things.

Energy healing is the practice of moving and shifting what is ‘behind the scenes’. Perhaps you see everything as energy, in this case, Mars Neptune is a chance to feel that others are ‘on your vibe’. When we hug, we notice a subtle shift in how we feel. What is actually happening here? We are being brought to a higher place, a refined frequency. The reverberations from physical contact continue on long after the contact has ended.

Create a long lasting and unseen impact during these days. The universe is knocking at your door, inviting you to delve into the sometimes ‘unrecognized’ work of the soul. The intuitive senses are heightened and inauthenticity is easily snuffed out. Conversely, we are attracted to the pure and unabashed expression of truth, authenticity, and love.

Being present with the body is being present with the spirit. The two cannot be separated, and Mars Neptune knows this without equivocation. Some things don’t need to be talked about, they just need to be felt and explored.

Giving and receiving need to be in balance. Sacrifice is a choice and, with too much of it, the giver may end up empty and destitute. Learn to bring energy IN and to RECEIVE. Being a martyr may be attractive with Mars trine Neptune but remember that at the end of the day, YOU ARE YOUR OWN SOULMATE.

energy healing / profound love / nurturance / high masculine ideals / charm / purpose / drive / spaciousness / boundaries / feminine power / extra terrestrial

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