Direct and Reflect :: Mercury Station May 14th

Mercury Station Direct May 14th 2023

Mercury comes to a standstill. Mercury is, well, mercurial. He likes to move around and try different things, sometimes at breakneck speed. With Mercury in the fixed Earth Sign of Taurus, the winged boots of Hermes can feel weighted. During an Rx, the intensity of Mercury increases and adds to this weighted quality.

For the most part, Mercury is having us connect the dots, often before we even know the dots exist. During a transit through Taurus in retrograde, we may see the dots on the horizon miles ahead of time. When we approach the pieces of the puzzle, they may be resistant to moving, at least very quickly.

Over the last 3 weeks (April 21 – May 14th 2023), we may have found ourselves a little extra tired for seemingly ‘no reason’. There ARE reasons…

  1. What we are moving is deep. The processes and practices that we are engaging and shifting have deep underpinnings. When walking through a few inches of water, we can move quite quickly. When moving through two feet of water, a short walk can be exhausting. With the combination of the eclipses and retrogrades of Pluto and Mercury, we have been in the thick of it. When canyoneering, I don’t expect to cover the same amount of miles as I do when walking on a wooded maintained trail.
  2. These are long standing patterns. The eclipse and retrogrades, again, have us looking into the depth of ourselves. Some of these patterns have been going on for this entire lifetime. Habits and comfort zones create grooves in our energy field. The awareness given by Mercury offers us the chance to shift these things. Something that we have been doing for a week is a lot easier to change than something we’ve been doing for 15 years (Pluto in Capricorn) or lifetimes.
  3. We are in this together. These transits are global, cosmic shifts. No one is immune from these planetary movements. As a collective, we are working on themes of exhaustion, escapism, blind spots, and lack of integration time. The balance is struck through being held down to the ground. When we cannot move as much, we are forced to feel. When we have to feel, we are processing the buildup of hours, days, years at a hurried pace.

So as Mercury comes to a standstill on May 14th and begins to get back into the swing of things, take it easy on yourself. You may not see the rewards yet of the hard work you’ve done, but trust me, it is coming.

Questions to ask yourself about this time period to bring about some self love…

  1. What have I resisted?
  2. How am I stronger and more resilient?
  3. Who has re entered or exited my life?
  4. How did I learn to listen to my body?
  5. When my energy returns, what do I want to do with it?
  6. What have I learned about my own habits?

These are great journaling questions, and will allow us to maximize the benefit of this period. BY delving into what we have uncovered in the last month or so, we ensure that we don’t have to repeat too many patterns.

Mercury is back online within the next week. As we kick things off, remember to stick to your boundaries, even if they are uncomfortable. In my estimation, if a boundary isn’t a little uncomfortable, is it really a boundary?

The stubbornness associated with Taurus is a misnomer. See Taurus as solid and strong before all else. Consider this, to call something stubborn requires a person on one side that seeks to ‘change’ or ‘shift’ the ‘stubborn person’. Taurus is a wonderful teacher to those who people please and wallow in martyrdom.


If ‘stuff’ from the past has come up, trust me that the past is definitely trying to repeat itself. In interpersonal dynamics, this can be a messy situation. You may be the conscious one of the dynamic. On the other hand, you may be the one who feels ‘free’ to make poor decisions that you swore you wouldn’t make just months or years ago. This is the ultimate ‘don’t get back with your ex’ energy. Trust me, this is a test right now.

Venus Rx comes in this summer and will put us through an even deeper test around our willingness to move to higher frequency in our connections. ((Stay Tuned))

What I will tell you is that there is someone out there who is looking for you. They too are mired in the past and the difficulties and traumas of their childhood. They seek the love you so easily can imagine but can’t always receive. Keep going my loves. The necessary transformative energies are coming for you, don’t let them take control of you, stay present.

Feelings are temporary, so be patient when you want to fall into patterns. Keep yourself busy and just maintain your distance. Not everything that is compelling needs to be explored. Newness is sexy! Scary, yes, sexy, uhu!

We haven’t gone through half a decade of bullshit so that we can drink piss and vinegar, ya feel me? Comfort zones do not create lasting joy.

We are so loved that we get confused… HAHA

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