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June 22nd 2021 … Mercury is stationary – Direct motion picks back up over the next few days

This one effected me differently. As things change directions, I am noticing a deep and unrelenting exhaustion. I am putting together the subtle pattern of fear and reactivity to that fear.

As I take time to rest I am assisted by the stationary Neptune, guiding my inner visions as it opposes my natal moon in Virgo. My body holds dreams, ideas, possibilities. Many of these are from the outer world and it’s dramatic and glamourized media outlets. I spend at least 15 minutes every day deleting garbage that has accumulated.
Beyond the static of the produced nonsense, there are deeper meaningful things. Pain that was never processed, beliefs that were never undone, love… unrequited.

These patterns are always at work, under the surface, like a rudder I never accounted for. As I steer my conscious ship towards vitality, self acceptance, and exuberance, this rudder pulls me off course. Like a vehicle in need of alignment, I am forced to hold tight at all times, making minor adjustment to counteract the force of my deeply unsettled past.

This retrograde was in trine to my natal Pluto and Saturn. Residing in my fourth house, this was undoubtedly going to be profound. The trine gives permission to energies to flow. That which is normally buried (pluto 4th house) or restricted (saturn 4th house) in my psyche has been undercut and released to the light of day. This retrograde was different. In the tropical sign of Gemini, Mercury moved just 8° from it’s starting position. For reference, the average Mercury Rx moves 13-15°. This time, it was a targeted intensity. The slower a planet moves, the more profound it’s energetic impact on the points which it transits.

If you place a hot pan on a counter for a moment, some heat will transfer and you will have no damage. If you leave it longer, the material of the counter may be deformed, melted, or even destroyed. Such is our psyche when Mercury moves so slowly. Mercury’s insightful, connect-the-dots, leave no stone unturned nature is able to put some boots on the ground and really investigate.

The shadow period extends until the 7th of July. The area in the sky covered by Mercury both forward and backward will be covered a third and final time. The expansive solar system, galaxy, and universe is a data bank. Certain key points within that data bank are being triggered over and over. Your specific orientation to these points is also being called to the surface. For what purpose? That is up to you.

From the perspective of the cosmos, your very existence is an ongoing evolution of consciousness. One presence becoming aware of their presence. Free will leaving very little certainty on what comes thereafter.
If something feels heavy, like a weight of a burden, this is a wonderful time to reabsorb the feelings. Use the pain, the confusion, the emptiness, to inform your experience. When you are able to observe something, you gain traction.

One of the most powerful ways of giving something power is to deny it’s impact. Accept what has hurt you. Accept your flaws, weaknesses, and sensitivities. They only appear as burdens when measured against the draconian and love-lacking standards of a society based on slave and master.

You are the only one that can disconnect you from divine love. We all have done it to some extent, don’t be afraid to own it. Whatever space is between you and acceptance is a wonderful road of growth and ever expanding freedom. Trials are part of the path… that’s how we grow.

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As a Healer and Astrologer, James uses his gifts of intuition, wisdom, and empathy to offer a supportive healing environment to his clients. He speaks the language of astrology in ways that are practical and responsible, enabling the client to benefit deeply from each session. 

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