Ignition – August 2020

There is always more to life than meets the eye. Our bodies have evolved in a very specific way to take in information. To say the least, this way of taking in information is basic. Remember, the body is not in charge of your soul, of your empowered destiny. If you give your basic instincts the opportunity to be in charge, they will do exactly that, and your scope of understanding will be reactionary and limited.

The first step to awakening is to get your energy out of the past. Where you ‘came from’ is exactly the same as where you ‘are’. Stop trying to deny this fact with ‘history’. History is a retelling of a story that is likely not remembered or recorded well. The instrumentation used to record that information was not only influenced by numerous biased factors, but it was old software. We are no longer what we ‘were’. Again, the past isn’t actually a thing. It is the early expression of the ‘now’. Through fully embodying the current moment you are able to access all timelines. The past folds into the now in the same way that a wave crashing at the shore was a ripple or a swell out at sea.

Your previous experiences have distilled into a very vital and cohesive expression… it is the now. Emotional memories stand strong within the tissues as fuel cells for your imminent transformation. Trauma may feel that it is haunting you, but it literally has not ended. There is nothing wrong with the journey in carrying your weight to this place. It is a choice, it is a methodical march towards the perfect moment. Is that moment now? Is it time for sparks to fly? Upon giving these feelings and traumas the right to be felt and flushed, you are igniting your engine. Through feeling the old and leftover remnants of past experiences, you are lighting the fuse of personal expansion. Opening up to the great unknown. Saying YES to the pieces of you that have been scattered about the universe during your traverse to this exact moment.

Reworking the basics. No longer is there a desire to reservoir and collect resources for a later date. It is time to open up the channels of lack and transform them into abundant bandwidth. When coming from a place of fear and survival, the light barely shines in. Through the exposing birth of self awakening, the channel is broken open and stretched like never before. Light penetrates with more vibrance and intensity. Lack has no place in this new world. Greed is bled out of the festering sore of lack mindset. There is no logic in preparing for an impossible state of being. From the viewpoint of the integrated/integrating self, you have all you need. There is joy in expressing, sharing, offering, giving, and receiving.

Unity quickly becomes the path forward. We need one another in order to fulfill our destiny of communal creation and vibration. We weave a net around ourselves, around the land, around each other, around the Earth. The flower of life pattern made quasi physical with torsion fields uniting in greater mass and high vibe morphogenetic resonance. The time is now.

Divest from the mainstream and invest in the live stream of evolving consciousness. Raise your thoughts, feel your pain, expand your view. Polarity and the binary are necessities in exploration of a dark and jaded reality. They are simply boundary points for the blind. As we reach for higher goals than right and wrong, good and bad, sad and happy, we break the lineage of judgement and self loathing. Discourse becomes the natural course. Confidence grows within as we rebuke the habit of comparing and contrasting as a form of gaining validity and affirmation. Our failing was never outside of ourselves, but a flipped switch somewhere in the recesses of our personal and collective unconscious.

Humanity bought a lie, or perhaps it was forcefed from your birth. We need no act of service to have worth. We need no outer force to save us. The original sin is to believe that you are separate from God. The truth, in fact, is that you are a being of light so vast that you have a preexisting and multifaceted relationship with the Creator. Reconnect the wiring to fit this truth. Call upon your higher self for validation, it is right there waiting for you.

The awakening of billions of souls all at once is sure to create some static, some drama, some noise. Keep your focus on that inner world. Do your best to be entertained by that which you see outside of you. Gratitude is an ally. Gratitude has no boundaries, for to be truly grateful is to do so without equivocation. Thank you for the experience. If you feel stuck, ask yourself how being stuck is a gift. Ask yourself how this challenge is a blessing. We can always improve our lot through the magic of gratitude.

As we reconceive what it means to be alive, we build a new way of being. That which cannot align with the new vibrations must go. Grieve if you must, for it is divine to express this deep feeling. Where we are going, however, it will be quite clear that everything has gone to it’s perfect space. So keep moving. Give each other space. Show compassion and understanding. When you cannot, best to stay in silence than to add fuel to an already challenging time.

Being responsible for your soul may seem a complicated task. This is only due to the millenia of disempowerment. You will be back in no time. You will wonder how you ever lived in such a small cage. Freedom comes to those who choose it. Be excited, this is why you are here. Your assignment is clear, and your teacher speaks from within.

xX Listen and be willing to learn Xx

Azurite assists us in becoming aware of the deep psychological patterns that rule our emotions. It is an ally during this time.

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