This is all we really need. Working together, building trust, sharing resources. Somehow we have been born into a system that facilitates the exact opposite of this.

Of course people are angry and separated. Our existing system for meeting basic needs is at odds with the natural flow of community. There is competition. There is intense greed. Haves and have nots. This market system rules the distribution of essential resources like water, food and housing. When the threat is that you may not eat, drink, or have shelter, you aren’t as likely to be honest, work together, or share. In the hierarchy of needs, when these things are made hard to come by, it’s difficult to concern yourself with anything else other than survival.

We are living in a time when everything has separated us. I doubt the world have ever seemed so petty towards itself. The irony looms large and it makes me laugh daily.

I am not offering solutions here, for the depth of systemic patterns often require years or decades of persistence to shift. I am simply observing the madness.

All that I can do is focus on my moment. I believe we are at a crossroads in the evolution of human consciousness. This goes far deeper than social upheaval. In fact, I believe that the social unrest is but a symptom of the deeper unrest within each and every psyche on this planet at this time.

We are being challenged to upgrade, as all systems inevitably are. In response, many are choosing to attempt to defend the past, the outmoded, the disembodied. Many others are choosing to forge forward, not knowing exactly what to expect, but knowing that we need a change.

Fear is a powerful tool. It can motivate a revolution or trigger a panic attack. Fear can create a poignant awareness, a little symbol saying ‘look over here’. Fear can and regularly does kill dreams, kill hopes, kill joy, and in my estimation, kill people. The immune system slowly shuts down, the body begins to manifest the reality that is feared. Fear is a test. What are you doing with it?

Fear of change does one thing and one thing alone… it cements us in the old patterns that are asking for upgrade.

No one should go at it alone. Human, face to face interaction, is key to health, vitality, and embracing the journey that fear initiates. The more we come together, the easier this transition will become. Again, it isn’t the world that needs to change so that we can feel better. It is we who need to shift, so that we can usher in a world where people are safe and supported.

I urge you to observe everything that you are being told or that you think you know. Consider why you think these things. Specifically those ideas that you defend. For truth requires no defense.

Every being that you encounter is important to your journey. One day you will know this so clearly that it will bring a tear to your eye, if it hasn’t already. We are all sons, daughters, friends, grandparents, parents, cousins to someone, somewhere. You have no idea what that being is going through, has gone through, or will go through.

Regardless of the arc of society, our individual sparks can forever come together to create a much larger flame of love.

Be kind, own your journey. Reap what you have sewn, you haven’t always been humble or kind. I know you have made excuses for stereotyping or belittling someone else, it’s all good. However, it’s time to own that and your part in this world, no more hiding, it’s making us all sick and confused.

When you own your role in this cosmic journey, you are unifying the disparate pieces within yourself. No longer are you dependent on the outer world to complete you, to guide you. Now you can learn from them, you can teach them, you can love them with wide eyed exuberance.

From this place of personal empowerment, no one tells you how to think. No one informs you on the ‘news’. No, because nothing is ‘news’ to you, it is information, it is spin, spun like we all do. The only place where truth resides is within your frame of reference. Once you achieve inner unification, nothing escapes you. Take your power back, own your projections, stop asking others to fix life for you. It might feel scary and sad, but it’s part of growing up.

I have gratitude for all friends and family who have played roles in my life. I have learned so much from the interplay and am excited for what the future holds. I will ask nothing of the outer world that I do not offer to myself. Love and compassion, patience and understanding.

Do your best, and don’t forget to laugh now and then.

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