Mars working Overtime

Mars Trine South Node <><> Exact Wednesday August 26th

Mars is moving so slowly that it gains intensity and focus. Mars in Aries is accustomed to waking things up and then moving onto the next. With Mars moving at a snail’s pace in preparation for retrograde on September 9th, every aspect has enough power to not only awaken, but to frustrate, enrage, and perhaps even mobilize action. Nothing about this time is comfortable.

THIS IS ALL COMING UP SO THAT IT CAN BE HEALED.The dissemination of information about shocking events is the first steps towards addressing the ills of the times.

August 24th, Mars finishes it’s first round of squares to the Capricorn stellium as it squares Rx Saturn. At this time, Mars is also is pretty tight orb (influence) to a trine with the South Node in Sagittarius. This fiery connection brings the past wounds back into our face. Almost without effort, a dragon arises within us and within larger society. The good news, this is a last gasp for this dragon. It might feel a bit overwhelming, but that’s just the darkness leaving us. Over the next 12 months we say see more, but it’s coming up to be resolved.

If we are able to focus on the details of our personal lives, as opposed to the collective (shit)show, we will see an entirely different story that is encouraging. Collect actual data on a personal level from people you can trust (not the internet or news). When a planet is in trine to one point, it is in sextile to the opposing point(Trine 120° + Sextile 60° = Opposition 180°).

Mars in sextile to the north node isn’t getting as much attention. I mean, sextiles usually don’t, they are less seen. Within the natal chart, a sextile shows itself subtly yet powerfully. The power actually comes from the subtlety. When we can’t see or notice something directly, we express it without knowing, almost as if we are guided to do so. We aren’t given room to mess with it or get our minds involved. In addition, the South Node is transiting the point of the galactic center. This is a magnifying glass, so of course, it is being shown to us very clearly

South Node in Sag…The Darker Side

Shadow Side of South Node in Sagittarius is complete disregard for the power of influence. Abusing trust, faith, and power. Abusing children is the most poignant example. Abusing the sick, using ‘God’ or religion to violate people. All of these are quite blatant in our world and it is about time that we wake up to them. We have to be very careful about who we trust. Powerful positions in our world does not require consciousness. In fact, many of our institutions choose less intelligent and less mindful people for positions in order to make them easier to influence to facilitate a lineage of abuse. Humans are very trusting and loving, we have big hearts and even bigger spirits. It’s hard to imagine someone being capable of violence or hate when we ourselves cannot conceive of it. Sorry to say, it’s a mixed bag here on Earth. Manipulators have reached the heights of influence as they seek to cover up and distract you from their own crimes. The good news, cuz yeah, there is good news, is that these crimes of abusing and coercing people on a spiritual level are karmic time bombs. They will detonate at the perfect time, leaving the perpetrators to put the pieces of their shattered souls back together.

Check your Feelings

As this transit reaches its exact point, Venus in Cancer also makes an opposition to Jupiter, creating an upswell of feelings. This is an intensely reactive experience that could bode very well for us if we are mindful about how we channel the energy. Observe observe observe. This is not time to start fights, there are no winners. It’s not personal, it is individual. Feelings change regularly, don’t build your house on sand.

Xx Change comes slowly, but it’s effects are eternal xX

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