Mars Rx – Back to Our Nature

Mars Retrograde in Aries 9.9 – 11.13.2020

Station Retrograde :: September 9th @ 28° Aries

Station Direct :: November 13th @ 15° Aries.

So here we are, Mars Retrograde. This is part of a larger cycle, the energy of this retrograde is already in place, but we are about to go deeper than before.

GET OUT OF THE MIND :: We are being schooled on the basics of being alive, of being vital, of surviving. Whatever you learn during this time, ensure that it enables you to thrive as an individual and as a human. This time is highlighting the inefficacy of intellectualism. Those who talk but don’t walk are losing their status. Ideas are just air contorted into a shape, they don’t mean anything without action.

EMPOWER SELF OR BE USED :: If you don’t stand up for yourself, you will be pulled into the vortex of someone else’s personal volition. Mars in Aries asks us to stand for ourselves. We can be confrontational, we can be arrogant, we can be overly assertive. However, this is all par for the course when being alive in the world today. Perhaps we have all been trained to ‘follow the leader’. Perhaps we have been trained to ‘lay low and abide by the rules’. That shit won’t fly anymore. Following blindly will leave you rudderless and blind. The fire that has been dampened through trauma, abuse, and psychological manipulation will burn brighter than ever. We must engage this opportunity.

REBIRTH IS INEVITABLE :: The western world lives in great fear of transformation. Comfort zones abound and fuel our complacency. I speak in generalities, you may be an outlier, but just look around you. When a baby is born, there are massive celebrations. What joy, what magic, what a new opportunity. When there is death, however, we see rumination and guilt, avoidance and resistance to the grief. This all makes sense and I am not minimizing the pain of loss or the beauty of a newborn baby. With the right perspective we might actually see the opposite as being true. Whereas the soul is only truly released from its shackles upon death of the physical body. Birth into flesh would be seen as the beginning of a sentence of limitation, a form of imprisonment. The point here is that all of these viewpoints are valid. If there is an imbalance, focusing too much on one area while avoiding the other, then there is suffering. Find balance in your view of life and death, for they cannot exist without one another. Mourning is about loss, not about death. While death signifies a form of loss, don’t confuse the two, death is new life, it is liberation.

It was June 27th when Mars ingresses into Aries. It will be January 6th before Mars moves into Taurus. That is over 6 months in the sign of Aries.

TAKE CARE OF YOUR NEEDS :: This is a marathon, not a sprint. Mars is accustomed to spending 6 weeks or so in a sign, doing its work and moving steadily onward. With this long of a period in Aries, we must work to maintain balance. ‘Steady as she goes’… this is a rocky time in human history. This retrograde gives us the deepest resources of energy to survive and nurture our ANIMAL. Yes, you are an animal ;-). That animal is dealing with a wild world of illusion and confusion. Technological advancements hold much promise but your body still needs certain things. Drugs can keep you stabilized or energized, but what happens to the kidneys? Being productive and climbing a social ladder can fuel the ego and have us on cloud nine, but what if that is all taken away, how do we produce the happy chemicals? The internet and Zoom are full of lovely interactions (tongue deep in cheek), but are there friends nearby, someone to bring you soup when you are sick? Get some rest, turn off your phone, put your feet in the soil, throw your television off of your rooftop, be grateful for what you have, talk to the birds, visit a friend…in person…seriously. We have made it through some of the toughest times in human history. Of course there are always more to come, but if taken the right way, they won’t seem so tough. Shift the core frequency that you carry. Oneness with the universe begins with oneness with self. If you are looking for completion outside of you, this time will decimate your ability to do so until you GET that it has to come from inside.

PLAY :: If you feel victimized, I do not discount that, but consider the following. Regardless of your situation, you can enjoy yourself. There is always something to be grateful for. There is beauty in understanding that the world owes you nothing. The government, the community, our family are not indebted to us. Be careful of these deeply programmed beliefs. It is a gift to be cared for. It is a gift to have someone grow your food. It is a gift to have neighbors and fire fighters and trees and roads. Once you acknowledge this terrifying independence, you can truly enjoy and have fun with your life, because it is TRULY YOURS. So I say go play, with whatever you have because that is YOU. Time and again, the most enlightened beings I meet have been through some horrific experiences. They have been destitute with little or nothing at all. Their perspective lightens my load, they know how to BE, how to PLAY, they know how to be GRATEFUL. The harder the lesson the deeper the gain. During this time, let’s push ourselves to learn those lessons so we can feel the playfulness of the divine universe.

Xx There is no room to live without love xX

Crystal Recommendations

Larimar :: Softening / Water Element / Soothes Heart

Black Tourmaline :: Protective / Grounding

Ruby :: Encouraging / Supports Kidneys / Strength

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