Final Day of Libra 2020

Last Day of Libra

Thursday October 22nd

It is the end of Libra season. Have any loose ends you want to clean up? Is the balance found in being alone or is it found in spending time with people?
The entire waltz through the zodiac is a progression. One thing leads to another. The socialite and balancing energy of Libra prepares us for the deep exploration of Scorpio.
Beginning overnight, the Sun begins to penetrate the deeper parts of our psyche. The illuminating effect of social engagement (Libra/7th House) leads to some awakening. Intensity is the pressure felt. The truths that come to light under Scorpionic influence are simply a reorganization, a realignment with truth.
Truth can hurt us. We build our reality based on our sense of what is ‘true’ or ‘real’. When the deeper revelations come, it may undermine our beliefs/psyche, as that which we took as truth no longer makes sense. Consider dominoes, or the foundation of a house. If one part of these cannot stand or hold weight, the entire chain or structure becomes unsupportive and weak. So to, our minds, when exposed to deep and revealing information, become weakened and unsupportive. This can lead to some primal responses, so go slow, soften your delivery, and take time to rest.


October 25th Mercury Rx moves back across the Sun in Scorpio. This influence can have us burning down our minds. What can you gather as tinder and allow it to inspire you to move forward? This is a great time to take stock and align your mind with your heart and body. Tough questions have answers, you can find them with enough energy and patience.
Is it time to go back to the drawing board? Or is it time to make some adjustments? There is a possibility that you’ve done quite well. You have anticipated your needs and you may just uncover that you are well prepared.
From the 22nd until the 25th is a time reorganize and affirm where you stand. This may mean rescinding certain statements or actions (known as an apology). Passions flare regardless of the lunar or solar cycle. However, these transits between signs and aspects give us small windows to line things up in a more efficient fashion.


While the Sun slides in Scorpio, Libra comes back into full focus on the 27th as both Mercury Rx (backs in from Scorpio) and Venus (moving in from Virgo) find their way into the sign of Libra within 10 minutes of one another. Tuesday 10.27 6:45 PM Pacific, 9:45 PM Eastern. Pay attention to the shifting narrative at this time.
When Mercury moves back into a sign during retrograde, there will likely be some unfinished business that requires tending. The promise of the highest Venusian expression is held during this time. Past, intense (Rx in Scorpio) ways of communicating and thinking (Mercury) become thoughtful, helpful, while on the lower end perhaps too passive (Libra). Mercury in Libra can lead to heavy discourse with seemingly little changing. Venus moving into Libra tells us that whatever the topics or issues, they will feel very important, and it is vital that all voices are heard. (This will be the alignment as we build up to the election.)

Retorgrade Ending ::

Mercury leaves it’s retrograde and stations direct on the 3rd of November. Leaving us with a lot to work out, striking a tenuous, subtle, and much needed balance. Things might take a while to sort out, but it is well worth it. As we flush out the collective waste from the build up to this election, we will find a new vision, unobscured by political and social pandering and manipulation.
In November, we find clarity through the abundant use of patience and kindness. Well, that’s one way to do it, but to each their own.


While the world may have been through a lot this year, it is just the beginning. The deep awakenings triggered by the dance of outer planets now will unfold socially and personally. The questions and concerns raised during 2020 cannot be pushed aside. They require attention and tending. Fears of apocalypse or global demise are just par for the course when things appear to be ‘falling apart’. The indulgence in this fear is a personal choice, of course. Many, however, have abdicated their power of personal choice, thus they fall prey to the lowest common denominator of fear, desperation, and separation.
We are all being given multiple chances. Everyday when you wake up, you have the opportunity to choose which direction to go. Blame, guilt, and shame aside… did you even know that you had a choice? Are you willing to test this theory? What if I told you that preparing for disaster only makes disaster more likely?
Somewhere in the annals of time, we were trained to believe that our fear protects us. It is true, that your fight or flight response can protect you from a very real threat. However, the constant bombardment with projected narratives leaves us confused, exhausted, and completely juiced. You cannot control the future, life is an experiment and we are gambling much of the time. With this in mind, we can attempt to gain some sort of clarity within the moment, to pay attention to what is ACTUALLY happening, as opposed to what ‘could’ happen.
Our fears and concerns about the future make us all less safe.
Human beings are a mixed bag. We aren’t all on the same page. Life is unique for each being that is born into this world. If humanity wants to see better days (cause,c’mon, there is room to improve) then we have to recognize and respect the autonomy and divinity in all beings. Social norms can be harmful, especially when they are enforced to the extent that they extinguish and divert the passionate will of the individual.
This is a clear and direct message to live your own, independent life. No one can inform you of reality, only you can do this.
May this time of deep social change remind us that we can work together, even if we don’t like one another. I am excited for us to ‘grow up’ together.

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