We are Becoming Stronger

Dealt with some messy shit over the past couple of months.I have learned that it is during these times that I truly see myself.

The challenging times, when there is a lack of trust or a breakdown in communication, these are the times that illuminate the shadow. We dig deep into ourselves until we find the resources. Searching frantically amongst the subjugated parts of our psyche, we see what lurks below the conscious surface. The perils of uncertainty motivate a call to action. Whether that be a plea for help, or the energy needed to galvanize and defend, instability inspires us to do something… anything.

In essence, we are being activated. Higher frequencies running through more circuitry. An endogenous psychedelic trip, there are a lot of ‘Woah’ experiences during tough times. We wake up to another piece of our unlimited potential. One can never be sure where this will take us… good, bad, ugly?

Within this search, our expanded awareness lights up the recesses of our mind. The shadow isn’t inherently dark or scary, it simply has been blocked or hidden. Seeing it again is shocking. How we respond to that shock determines the nature and quality of the experience thereafter.

The times in which we live are assisting us in bridging the psychic gaps. We have been powerfully hypnotized, our intuition trivialized.

‘The wise have eyes to see through the lies, but the ego must die to give rise to the soul.’

Maybe it’s not about being scared or being sick. No, maybe for you it’s about being wrong, a terrifying fate. Ascribing self value through accomplishments or admiration is a recipe for disaster. Truth in incomprehensible from our vantage point. The universe can see us, but we cannot fully see them.

Put down your attacks and discipline yourself. You are gonna need it. The light is penetrating you to the core.

“There is no moratorium on skeletons being evicted from closets”

As the old patterns grind to a halt, they are even easier to see. It was a movie on your phone, now it is the drama of your life. All the pretty pleasurable things have a scorpionic tail whip, and it stings. The poison is the medicine, but be careful how much you allow in.
Simplicity fosters peace. Excitement inspires joy. Find the balance of these two. Choose your dramas instead of letting them choose you. Your body knows when the answer is NO. If you aren’t going to follow your body’s lead, at least learn to hear the messages. That gift doesn’t shun you for not listening, you still have free will. Own what you are choosing as you choose it. There are no participation awards for abandoning your independence.

‘Lessons are blessings you should learn through’

Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal AKA Guru

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