Rising Tides

The technology of EmPowerment

The new technology is the tech of the heart. The new technology is using your brain and thoughts to determine your vibration. Thus you attract into your field that which you desire.

Who and what is inputting into your system?

Allowing any influence outside of you to determine your thoughts and feelings is the complete opposite of this technology. Unlike a self driving car, your energy body will not just ‘keep driving in the right direction’ if you aren’t paying attention. If you choose to allow others to think for you, they own you, and your power. This is why we must resonate from the inside out, instead of being motivated by others.

You probably haven’t been taught this from an early age. In fact, you have been systematically rewarded for being a ‘good’ girl or boy your entire life. Follow the rules and get a prize. Start questioning things and be abused emotionally and ostracized.

I was ostracized from numerous communities early on and I couldn’t be happier about it. Those people had no backbone and lacked personal volition. They were led by rapists (Catholic Priests who were literally shown to be child abusers at the churches I attended) and manipulative shame ridden dogma that, to be honest, is a complete joke.

I put my sanity on the line to challenge things at the age of 10, right when my progressed mars went into retrograde. This is a time when the energy of battle turns inward, either destroying a person or leading them to strategize… in my case it did both. The schools called me satan, a cross my mother would have to bear, they had me carry a desk down the stairs because I refused to listen to their utter bullshit. They had me sit outside of the principal’s office for a week at a time. Each day I would come to school knowing that is where I would be. No joy, no friends, no recess. Just the faces of the middle aged depressed teachers of the Baltimore County Catholic Schools. They would shame me, give me that look that adults give children. You know, the one where they hate themselves so much that a free thinking child makes them realize just how deep the self hatred goes.

Catholicism steals from you, pretending not to be witchcraft… please!

No child should be subjected to these heinous religions. If an adult chooses it, go, have fun. Leave the children with grandma, or an uncle, or at home alone, they are better off than at these temples of manipulation and disempowerment.

There is more spirituality and enlightenment in a blade of grass than in the liturgy of a thousand Sunday sermons.

Don’t allow the engrained bullshit of our society to keep you from speaking your truth. I’d lose you if I got into the details, so I won’t go there. However, we are so f’in lost as a society that we celebrate the coming of our new abuser. We clamor around the return of basic decency and self respect as if we won some battle.

The tipping point is here, growth will no longer move like a snail. Some shit has been shattered and we need to keep going. The old world of allegiance and patriotism got us nowhere but in debt and full of PTSD. I mourn for my brothers who had to go to battle. I mourn for the women who have had to deal with rapey men who have no idea how to handle their sexual energy. I mourn for the people of color who have been subjugated beyond the comprehension of most people of privilege. I mourn for the men who have never been held accountable, but are expected to carry the weight of crippling emotions, never giving them the light of day for fear of certain and sweeping ego death.

A new administration is not a turning point, don’t get me wrong, it can be. In actuality…WE are the turning point. The system that continues to chug along is the same system that enslaves you. They won’t change it unless you stand up for something, unless you speak up and cause waves. For fuck’s sake, stop buying the damn narratives. Check in with the heart, check in with where you have allowed your mind to be taken. The fake news you allow in, the questions you refuse to ask, the freedoms you so easily give away without at least considering their validity and necessity.

Being a nice person isn’t enough, at this point, it can actually be an enabling act. If you are someone who just wants to not make waves, then please step aside and keep your thoughts to yourself. We have no time for your virtue signalling and social policing. We get it, you like having lots of rules and want someone else to take care of you. That’s cool, just don’t get involved when people are working for change and accountability. Go help people who need you.

Your health is in your hands, don’t be a guinea pig for the wealthy elite. You don’t have to follow orders and you aren’t helping anyone by being a sacrificial lamb. Don’t ever assume that others want you to do something. I repeat…you are not helping humanity or America through acquiescing your power to authority, a health care system, or a deity.

All this being said, to each their own. If you aren’t picking up what I am putting down that is okay, just feel my passion. For now, stay centered, channel some energy towards your personal joy, regeneration, and peace.

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