Mercury Retrograde 1.30.2021 – 2.20.2021

We’ve been down this technicolor road before. Scratching our heads as we ponder the universe. Thinking about thinking.
The time for reflection is now. In my astrological estimation, we are still locked into the patterns of 2020. Fear, deception, corruption, separation… January and it’s astrological dance was a culmination, a recap of 2020. February, however, is the transition point. Specifically this mercury retrograde. A retrograde that will dance with the Sun, Venus, Jupiter, and to some extent Saturn. The moon will personalize the whole journey from February 10th-12th.

We must expand beyond our previous conventions. We conceive of things and then they come into existence. Many of the conceptions of last year are not in our best interest. The way we interact, the way we approach society, the way we hand over our power to groupthink. Aquarius just isn’t comfortable with all of this. Thus we have an opportunity to review and find unity with self.

If you are one of those people who fears mercury retrograde, well, whoever taught you that wasn’t thinking objectively. Mercury retrograde indicates a strengthening of the power of this planet. Mercury’s energy doesn’t move backwards… but the planet does appear to cross the points in the zodiac where it just was. This process of the zodiac being triggered is what creates the ‘past’ orientation of retrogrades. The planet is doing its thing, even stronger than usual.

When the past comes back, it isn’t a time to relive it. It is a time to review and learn from our mistakes and our victories. It’s a time to see how little we knew the first time, and how much we know now.

If you find that you are reliving the past, that is a sign to become more objective. The emotional current has grabbed you. The grooves of thought have become to worn in, break the habit and set yourself free.

This time is a launchpad. We can reach heights unknown after surviving and thriving through the deaths of 2020.

In the end, you will only gain so much as you can detach and think independently. So to you I say, go forth and be weird. Question the current narratives, bury the past.

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