Awareness, Clarity, and Exhaustion

We step into the week with a tremendous amount of clarity and vision. The new moon is just a small part of a deeper process but is offering a calm in the storm. The eclipse window is just behind us and should have opened up a few doors that are often kept closed. Who knows … Continue reading Awareness, Clarity, and Exhaustion

I was Arrested for Cannabis Possession

Pictured above :: James, Krista and Tiffany Moving Across the Country Our trip wasn't really going well. We had stopped on five different occasions for repairs by the time we hit Nebraska. I was feeling a little less nervous now, having been through so much already on the journey, I figured it was time for … Continue reading I was Arrested for Cannabis Possession

Re-Visualizing the Retrograde // Mercury Rx in Virgo 2017

Those who project and call in problems will receive them. The universe is your canvas and your mind and heart your paints and brush. Do you choose to paint a world of struggle and challenge?  To some extent we all do, hey, we are just learning to exist here.  Life is filled with ups and … Continue reading Re-Visualizing the Retrograde // Mercury Rx in Virgo 2017

The Gemini Sagittarius Axis

Upcoming full moon asks us to make something out of our neurotic and spastic energy. Friday June 9th // 9:10 AM Est 6:10 AM PST Working with the Gemini Sagittarius axis always speaks to changeable and excitable experiences. With the changing of the moons nodes fairly recent, The Loe-Esque intentions of the moon are felt … Continue reading The Gemini Sagittarius Axis