Re-Visualizing the Retrograde // Mercury Rx in Virgo 2017

Those who project and call in problems will receive them. The universe is your canvas and your mind and heart your paints and brush.


Do you choose to paint a world of struggle and challenge?  To some extent we all do, hey, we are just learning to exist here.  Life is filled with ups and downs, cycles and patterns.  Studying and practicing as an Astrological counselor has taught me this both first and second hand.

Our power of manifestation is immense, so I am inclined to call out what I see.  What I am asking you to do now is shift the way you talk about and view a very common and exceedingly helpful phenomenon.  Mercury retrograde.

Mercury is retrograde 1/3 of the year, as often as you are sleeping (rest is the best medicine). Retrogrades are essential to fully delving into the inner landscape. While they may feel like a pause, they are in fact a shift in focus from the outer to the inner.  The planet in retrograde and the energy it rules/represents have the opportunity to take a deeper look at themself/itself. As the awakened conscious being that you are, this is an opportunity to discover and uncover how and why you do those wonderful and interesting things that you do.


There is certainly bravery required to delve into one’s unconscious or even conscious patterning.  No fear is greater than the fear of oneself, of what might lie beyond the surface of the deep dark lake.  If you are willing to look, be patient and loving, there is nothing that cannot be refreshed and regenerated.  Learning to forgive oneself for decisions or missteps takes time and dedication.  On the other hand, if you seek to criticize and dwell on the perceived ‘flaws’ and self pity, you could do some unnecessary damage to your self worth and confidence.  Remember to stay in ‘observer’ mode.

Mercury Retrograde in Virgo

August 13th – September 5th 2017

Mercury being in retrograde within the sign of Virgo is the essence of personal improvement. The keen and cool eye of Virgo is never more at home than within the analysis of life. When this energy is directed outward, chances are we have to fill in blanks with labels and erratic guessing.  Unfair and less than lenient expectations can be made of others, as we never truly understand their reality or what they are going through.  During mercury retrograde in Virgo, best to peel the internal layers, there will be less room for erroneous and overly critical assessments.

When this energy is directed inward, we are compelled to improve our ability to function. Efficiency is sought within the mental landscape (virgo seeks to be of service). Your personal landscape is incredibly complex and filled with thoughts, emotions, and desires that you yourself may not be consciously aware of. During the three week period that began on the 13th of August, expect to become aware of some of these underlying patterns.

Delays or difficulties that come up during this time are for your highest good. Without a refractory period for the expression of the mental abilities, we would quickly outstrip our means and begin to lose touch. This physical world requires quite a bit of dedication to self care and detail (both hallmarks of Virgo energy).

The inner work done now has the ability to change your world moving forward. As one friend stated ‘it feels the decks are being shuffled’ as yes I do agree. Other fitting metaphors: changing the bedsheets, airing out the basement, steamcleaning the carpets, clearing out the closets, organization and defragmentation of a hard drive.  Without these essential practices, our lives would become chaotic and disorganized. This is important to consider, as many of us live hypercomplicated lives involving a multitude of possessions, responsibilities, jobs, and hobbies.

The busier you are, the more potential for ‘trimming the fat’ and streamlining your business of life.

I say take full advantage of Mercury retrograde through engaging an observer mindset. Take copious notes and know that ‘it all can be done’ in due time.  Rome wasn’t built in a day, and during it’s latter years, the empire may have benefitted from some Mercury Rx in Virgo awareness.

For those who still choose to blame mercury retrograde for their issues, I would recommend that you reconsider their words of advice during this time. As another trusted friend stated ‘many call in the negative and thus this is what they receive’.

Blaming and speaking negatively about retrogrades would be like blaming air conditioning for your refusal to put on a sweater. It is victim mentality and the core of disempowerment. Not to mention cursing oneself with the power of words (I would refer these individuals to the book ‘The Four Agreements‘).

Issues that arise were already brewing, and during this internally motivated process, the manifestation towards a brighter future comes to us in spades. With mercury in the sign of Virgo (her planetary ruler), improvement of circumstances comes through ‘nipping issues in the bud’ before they have the opportunity to flower, spreads seeds, and grow like a weed.

The ego has to take a backseat, but it doesn’t have to be put down, harmed, or seen in a negative light.  Take it easy on yourself during these times, and don’t complicate your life by buying into fear minded and irresponsible rhetoric about Mercury retrograde, you are only cursing yourself.


Final Words from the Stars

“Please remember that these times are incredibly common and are essential to the evolution of humanity. We can’t always be moving forward. We are children, infants really, trying to figure out how to put two and two together to manifest our dreams and desires.  Mercury retrograding in it’s home sign of Virgo is the essence of analysis.  This time will give us the opportunity to rediscover our path and avoid potential pitfalls. Refusing to see the gifts of a retrograde period will put you at a severe disadvantage. Please do your research on all matters, and if you don’t like Mercury retrograde, it’s not a planetary issue, it’s a YOU issue.  Complaining about the planets is no different than complaining about anything else that you can’t control, it’s victim mentality and it is a distraction from the innate faith that your soul seeks for you to enjoy.  Our attachments to life and relationships, money and power, careers and possessions are very real. At the end of the day, however, the multitude of moving pieces in our universe cannot support every last desire that we have, some of them conflict, and some things will have to go.  Without retrograde periods, we would very likely outstrip our means and lose touch with our own peaceful internal compass. Retrograde periods allow us to pierce the veil of chaos and see into the simplicity of BEingness. Let yourself go there, release your attachments.  
Clearly, there are a multitude of changes that must take place before humanity can live in a cohesive oneness with mother Gaia.  She does not seek to punish but the time has come and you are awakening.  Relief comes through intentional action towards the desired shifts.  Just like a retrograde period, you can choose to work with it or against it.  The planets are not here to hurt or harm you or even to ‘teach you a lesson’.  The planets are massive and far reaching energies that guide and support your galactic and universal journey.  We bless you and thank you.”

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