Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius // August 2017 // Collective and Individual Lessons

Wait Starman! Why are you writing about this lunar eclipse now, isn’t the solar eclipse coming soon?  Why yes, internal dialogue, it is, but often times in life things take time to develop, and eclipse patterns are one area where you don’t want to jump the gun.  Eclipses are long term lessons for the whole of humanity spanning about 1/2 of a year, this article will explain, please do enjoy.  Xx StarMan James

The partial lunar eclipse that occurred on August 7.  Lunar eclipses are when the Earth comes between the Sun and the Moon, creating a darkening of the moon.  Basically, the moon lies in the shadows of Earth.


Lunar eclipses are very personal as they are connected to the moon.  The deep lessons integrated are on the emotional scale.  We all know the feelings of the ‘new moon blues’.  Well, now bring to mind the intensity of the ‘full moon vibrations’.  At the point of a lunar eclipse, we are at the height of full moon intensity, the moon fully vibrant showing us her reflection of the sun’s glorious rays.  When something very unusual happens, as the shadow of Earth is cast across sister Luna.  Suddenly, we are thrown into the dark, the deep, the mysterious, the emotional depths of ourselves.  A new moon with no warning, a new moon with no slow and methodical release, a new moon that takes hold of us.  In her fascinating and incredibly well researched book Spiritual Astrology, Jan Spiller speaks of the lunar eclipse as a time when all of humanity is “allowed to feel the same emotion”.  Even if just for a few moments, imagine the impact.  A unification that is perhaps not always welcome.  I won’t get into it here, but let’s just say that unexpected deep emotional states are not always received with a joyous parade of gratitude.

While humanity digs in it’s heels and absorbs this collective lesson, each individual will experience this lesson through their own personal lens.  Indicated by the house location and personal aspects triggered within the natal chart, the emotional integration is much more personal than that of a solar eclipse, less about outside influence.  Just think of the moon, that cold and distant satellite of Earth whose consistency of presence is only matched by her mutability of sign and declination.  Like the tides of the ocean, she dances as she orbits our heavenly body.  There is not a lack of stability within the moon’s influence, but a struggle to identify that which is consistent.  To a further extent, exploration of one’s “moon side” may uncover deeply repressed and unconscious memories and tendencies.  Again, influences and awakenings not often welcomed with open arms.

Thanks moon for the unexpected acupunture

Throughout our lives and beyond, we may or may not have had time/space/awareness to integrate the lessons and gifts of all that we have experienced.  It is not uncommon for challenging experiences to come in waves, one after another, knocking us down, pulling us out in the riptide…but I digress.  It is in times like these that we must find a way to carry on, to survive, to swim to shore or at least find a piece of driftwood.  Processing emotion and learning lessons becomes inherently dangerous and on this earthly plane, could be the difference between life and death.  Survival reigns, and the lessons are given residence somewhere on the dark side of the moon, the ‘shadow’ side of the self. The trade off for attachment to form and identity is thus.  Over time, the repressed and denied lessons and emotional patterns assert a certain level of control over us until something, somewhere, somehow reawakens us to the pattern.  Never forget that this IS a gift, just listen to Mr. Carl Jung, master of the human unconscious.


Eclipse cycles are just that, a cycle of lunar and solar partial and total eclipses.  It would make sense to me, and perhaps yourself, that the totality or partiality of each eclipse would directly correspond to the intensity of the eclipse’s impact.  According to Jan Spiller, the influence of the eclipse is about a six month time frame.  (Jan and her research partner Karen McCoy, studied 40,000 charts over a ten year period to compile the data and research).  So everyone take a deep breath, have a cup of tea or lemon water, and realize that the evolution of the soul takes time, as do most things of deep and lasting value.

On a collective level, the impact of the eclipse can be signified by the sign of the zodiac in which the moon resides.  On August 7th, the moon was in the sign of Aquarius.

As a group human feeling body, we all received an extra deep and perhaps shocking dose of Aquarian emotionality.  Again, the awareness and unfolding will take time, but bear with me here.  As an Aquarian sun sign, I often struggle with what it means to have emotions, preferring to think or idealize my way through existence.  Even my moon (in the sign of virgo), the seat of emotional understanding is at an exact 150° angle (known as a quincunx) to my Sun in Aquarius.

A note on the quincunx… A 150° angle… This breeds a disconnect between the two, planets in quincunx within the natal chart are not very well suited to communicate with one another, they are said to speak different languages.  Now, I am always looking for the bright side in things, and I didn’t have to look far to see it.  Although it may require considerable focus and dedication, when an individual accepts the separate and unique qualities of the planets in quincunx, he or she has uncovered an incredible gift.  For it is in the uniting of disparate causes and platforms that we may find the strength to transcend and reimagine life itself.  We all know how easy it is to match like to like, pit different against different, our current world is quite an example of this.  But what if, somehow, someway, we were able to unite in disagreement, to hold hands with resentment, to agree to disagree.  Would we not be stronger as a human race?  I’ll let you decide.

unify the disparate piece

Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius // Acknowledge, Rise Above, and Choose

The highest expression of Aquarian emotional sensibility is the sense of greater good, inner genius, and a detachment, the ability to let go.  To a deeper extent, to transcend the constant ups and downs of emotional experience.  There is an inherent lessening of the importance of emotions when Aquarius is brought to the table.  Never one to miss an opportunity, the Aquarian intelligence senses and sees the pitfalls of emotional identification.  Emotions are a thrill ride, just like any drug.  Without emotional context we become hardened, mean spirited, and unaware of our impacts on others.  This is where the importance of a humanitarian spirit comes into play, a hallmark of the Aquarian age.  In my humble opinion, if you want to stop struggling with your emotions as we move into the age of Aquarius, you must get bigger than them!  This does not mean to ignore them or even to dismiss them, but it indicates that you must find a way to see the bigger picture, to be the observer of your experience.  If you allow emotions to control your view or reality, than you will never be able to experience peace on a consistent basis.  Emotions will flow, and the water bearer fully understands this, but by no means are emotions intended to define, contort, and shade your sense of reality.  Our modern world has taught us to resist certain feelings of hate, anger, sadness, etc.  To medicate emotions with ice cream, prozac, painkillers, or mindless television.  This is wrong in so many ways.  Enjoy the ice cream, take the painkillers, enjoy the television, but never put your emotions into categories of ‘good’ and ‘bad’.  They simply ARE, and your investment in tagging and neutering them only creates future waves of emotional backlash and intensity.  While there are infinite ways to translate and emotional experience, there are a finite amount of emotional states.  See the chart below.


So what then do we do?

Realize first and foremost that emotions are triggered by thoughts.  It may be that belief systems buried deep in your unconscious are running thoughts like a seamless computer program, this requires a bit more investigative and psychotherapeutic work.  For the most part, however, it is the thoughts that we expose ourselves to and choose that dictate the majority of our emotional ups and downs.  Having trouble with this concept?  Here is an easy way to notice how it works.  Just read Example 1 and check in, then do the same for Example 2.  Afterwards, read Example 3 three times to rebalance.


I am very intelligent and sexy, people just love me.  I do well in pretty much everything I do.  I am glad that I am here on earth.


I have very little motivation.  I always fail even when I try.  People judge me because I am inherently flawed.


My emotions do not control me.  I choose my thoughts consciously.  I respect my bodies internal responses, and I honor them.  No words or circumstances can take me away from my love and dedication to myself.  I am grateful.

*Example number three is taking advantage of the higher mind while still respecting the bodily, hormonal functions and lessons of emotions.

Did you notice a difference in how you felt, simply because of what you were reading and thus thinking or saying?  How often do you unconsciously complain about your life, without considering the ramifications this may have on your emotional state?  Now add to this the quality of denying or fighting with the emotions as they arise, giving them labels and quantifying their value.  It is easy to see how our internal state could become a mess of reactive and inaccurate decisions and assessments.

Screen Shot 2017-08-19 at 5.55.22 PM
be the master of your domain

So as we move into this six month period, integrating a sense of Aquarian emotionality will come to the forefront.  As we observe humanity working through the challenges and blessings of daily life, keep this in mind, as we are all learning to translate our emotional worlds in an empowering and unifying fashion.

So we have covered the collective emotional task at hand as represented by this lunar eclipse, let me take a moment to discuss the individual lessons that may find you during this time.

Individual Lessons from the Lunar Eclipse… While the eclipse allows us all to feel a certain emotion, we all take this and filter it in a different fashion.  In addition, the way in which this lesson blesses our lives will also be unique to each individual.  This piece is indicated by the house in which the eclipse lands in YOUR natal chart.  If you are even an amateur astrologer, you can use your chart and locate 15° Aquarius.  If 15° Aquarius is on the cusp between two houses, consider more heavily the house as you are moving forward (counterclockwise).  It may be important to consider the lesson from the previous house, but to a severely lessened degree.  For an even more in depth look, I am running a special on readings from now until the the Eclipse on the 21st –> Eclipse Season Support.

Here is a breakdown directly from the book Spiritual Astrology.  Page 356.


Feel free to use your understanding of the houses to get a better picture of how the emotional lessons may find you during this time.  I recommend The Twelve House, by Howard Sasportas for a deeper and thorough understanding of the houses.

In regards to the Solar Eclipse August 21st… More on the Solar Eclipse soon, enjoy your life, don’t sweat the eclipse, it’s a long term lesson for the Ego as opposed to the emotional self, we will get there.  There prep work you can do:: pay attention to your creative and self expressed personality, ensure that you are an example of positive and loving work, as opposed to an example of critical and mean spirited self righteous expression.  Basically, LEO stuff, watch out for stories and remember, it’s not personal!!

Xx Transcend the need to understand, just BE xX


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