Mercury Rx Continues // August 28th

Mercury in Rx continues to stifle the positive imagination, choosing instead to access, understand, and eliminate both existing and potential issues from the conscious and subconscious mind.  Within the sign of Virgo, this is the never ending work.  Pay attention and remain disciplined to receive the benefits.  It may also help to toughen up your skin a bit, it is through friction that we become shiny crystalline beings of light.
Having slipped beyond the sun just a few days ago, the true shadow period of self awareness has sprung to life. Your actions may be motivated by unseen factors, be careful with your words and actions, and do not hesitate to tune out and take a rest.  Notice not only how you speak to others, but the way in which they speak to you.  Your responses are raw, unrefined, but also under the critical eye of Mercury in Virgo.
The inner journey is infinitely more rewarding than the outer, but there is no reason that the two cannot coincide. Make the best of challenging times by LIVING at every opportunity.  Virgo governs self care practices and daily habits.  Is there an opportunity to make a small change in your life?  It could be as easy as one less cigarette or one more glass of water.  Give yourself credit, small changes make big differences.
Criticizing the world around you will bring a swift balance of criticism back in your lap. Think twice, three times, four times before sharing your insights… know what you are doing and that this too shall come to pass in your own reality.
If you choose to share your awareness, cover yourself by doing so with compassion, patience, filter, and enough vulnerability to not come off as preachy or judgemental.  
The ability to show emotions without defending oneself heals the world.
The Buddha leads the way, smile at your flaws or weaknesses, we all need lightness and laughter.  When you can laugh at the errors or traumas of the past, you have truly transcended the need to suffer.

Xx You are a wellspring of infinite joy xX


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