Eclipsing Chaos and Fear

Eclipse Season is here…
flashes in the darkness, things turning on their heads
envision a snowglobe that is flipped over. Utter chaos? Or simply a time when the perspective is shifting.
Would you drink water without filtering or allowing the sediment to settle?
Why make decisions about reality during this time?
Well, for most of you, it is because you are attached to a system that neither cares for your wellbeing or connects to the deep and intuitive forces that are obviously at play within every moment.
Fear arises because we push it down into the darkness on most occasions. The combination of stellar influences has created a reality upon which ‘all that you have repressed’ now becomes real. Those who consider themselves empathic may find that the collective fear of the world, country, state, community, or family with which they identify is also coming up in their own consciousness.
Your only responsibility is to take care of yourself during this time. If you have children, ensure that they are fed, clothed, and loved. Otherwise, do not embed yourself in the reality of another, this will have immediate karmic repercussions.
Besides, this current dreamscape unveils the hidden hellscape below. The undercurrent of self denial and repression is literally the River Styx. Satan waits upon the shores, seeking to keep you embroiled in the self denial and soul level dishonesty.
Demonic and dark influences are just one way to look at these lost and lonely parts of ourselves. The true cause lies in the manipulation of natural forces and the lack of responsibility for one’s own internal state.
Do not work to polarize yourself against darkness, work to polarize yourself against labels and dichotomy. If one cannot accept both the light and the dark, then you are asking for whiplash down the line.
Find yourself at a place where observation becomes the key factor.  Not reaction, not understanding, not even compassion, do not waste your time.  Whatever graceful tendencies you have built before this times shall shine, and where you have lacked in integrity, this too shall shine.
Your areas for improvement are on full display, so grab a seat, keep yourself warm, fed, and loved, and start taking notes.  Upgrading the systems and doing wholesale soul work comes later, lets say, mid September.  Until then, batten down the hatches and prepare for an upcoming storm, a storm that will clear debris and show individuals for who they truly are.
If you are still on the side of complaining about the natural forces leading you into confusing and challenges head spaces, expect to be confronted with more challenges and to limit your learning potential.  The new age asks us to STOP with the drama and CHOOSE our reality through conscious efforts to manifest our own personal HEAVEN ON EARTH.

You are not your country

You are not your government

You are not your lineage

You are not your favorite sports team

You are not your family

You are not your career

What are you? Well, it’s a good time to do some research.

Be brave, keep things light, and the hell with expectations.

Unless under a direct and obvious threat, like a mountain lion tracking you down on a hike, fear is unsubstantiated.  The feeling of fear is discordant and is a sign that your assessment of reality is false.  Truth creates peace, even when sad, dark, or horrifying.  Fear is not horror, fear is not being scared, fear is an inappropriate assignment of energy.
For example, when you believe that you are not enough, fear may arise as you attempt to accomplish something.  The reason that the fear exists is because that belief system is utter garbage.  We are all perfectly worthy and capable, and underlying programming about externalized validation, accomplishments, degrees, home ownership, credit scores, has convinced us that some expressions are more valuable than others.  The existing system is built to compare you to others but even worse, to compare you to unreasonable standards.  These patterns are internalized at a very early age, often by parents and authority figures who have been through the same experience and know no better.  These beliefs about our own personal devaluation leads to our ability to accept abuse and also to abuse and ridicule others, it is a sad state of affairs.
Television is a catty drama show of praising and then tearing down every last piece of humanity.  Focusing on one individual as the eventual winner and offering them a bunch of money or commercial deals.  Give me a break, like the 10,000 other contestants aren’t amazing people worthy of all the riches in the world as well.
Know your worth, affirm your worth, and let no one, not even teachers or gurus, tell you what to think or say about yourself.  Giving your power away is a fool’s game, you will never receive the return on investment that investing in yourself will bring.

I am whole, I am centered.

Beneath my exterior lies a sensitive and vulnerable being.

I seek validation from myself.

I thirst for completion of all things undone.

I deserve peace and stand for nothing less.

I release the drama from my life.

I offer back all residual karma to the universe with Golden Harmony.

I reconnect every cell in my body to universal love, a love which protects me from the harsh realities of life.

My words are my deepest mystical power in this life, and I dedicate myself to their appropriate and judicious use.

I decide what is right for me, and no rule of law shall override my dedication to self care.

I ask for guidance from my highest wisdom.

May I transcend the desire for suffering, and encounter my bumps and bruises with an open mind and heart full of gratitude.


Xx You are the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow xX

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