Working with the Awakening Shadow

We are awakening the sleeping madmen/women within us. The medicated, the groggy droves, the forgotten and tortured ones.

As we dance through this process of upheaval and renewal, stay firm in your center and acknowledge who and what you are.

As a society we have pushed those with sickness into the background, a metaphor for how we have treated our own consciousness.

We cannot and will not move forward until we acknowledge our inner world which we have damned to a dungeon of shame and despair.

Riding on the back of organized religion mind control and manipulation, we have reached a state where it is acceptable to demonize human existence and expression without taking a lick of responsibility.

'Satanic' or 'evil' thoughts, actions, or even people are put away in prison or bombed with explosives dropped from the heavens. We seek to destroy that which scares us, and not surprisingly, the angry and irresponsible actions have led to more 'evil'.

Does anyone know what happens when you cut off the head of a hydra? Yes that is right, multiplication. The metaphor was designed to explain the workings of the mind. Some things have been sliced so often and buried so deep that we develop psychosis in an attempt to keep them at bay.

The yearly Uranus retrograde seeks to level the playing field, balance in all things. As repression and mind control are specialities of Uranian energy, we are forced to stare our Uranus ruled actions in the face.

In my late twenties when I thought I might explode from self denial, I was blessed to encounter a wonderful teacher who guided me to full acceptance of my insecurities, angers, my shadow self. The road wasn't easy, but after starting, I would cry spontaneously with joy, like recovering lost pieces of myself… why even say 'like'… that is exactly what I was doing!

I continue to do so today, a process that is simultaneously humbling and empowering. Acknowledging that you have hurt yourself, while hugging that part of yourself and welcoming them home. It hasn't gotten any easier to do, I have just begun to notice the benefits and am highly motivated to experience more of them.

Much like a runaway teenager or petulant hungry child, there is work to be done. You will be tested as an inner parent and at times you will fail miserably, just like anything else. However, once you realize how much of you is waiting to be loved and brought back home, you will forever be changed. Well at least I was, and I am superbly grateful for every smidgen of insanity and resentful angsty James that I can lovingly and sternly bring back into the fold.

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