Aquarius Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse Lessons

What responsibilities to self are now staring you in the face?

How do you acclimate to the new climate without burning your existing bridges?

Beware of projection as new revelations and download can be difficult to integrate.

Our ego helps us by applying that which we can't handle to the external world, be aware of this process.

Aquarius is ruggedly independent, sometimes to a fault. In its fledgling state, the Aquarian expression is a dictatorship hiding behind "high moral or ethical values".

Lower expression of Aquarian energy is stubborn, myopic, unknowingly critical, and ivory tower-esque.

When the ego is allowed to die, we realize that all beings can have these same stringent and narrow minded viewpoints. The intellect and mind are great tools, but on their own they will leave you alone in a dreamscape, confused and grabbing for straws.

The higher expression is full acceptance of all that is, with no desire to judge it. Flashes of insight come so that you can apply this wisdom to existing systems, and have them upgrading with maximum efficiency and superb tact 🌈

Think twice before you speak, and if you think someone else is to blame for your current circumstance, be it parents, siblings, the government, your boss, or what have you… best to be alone and do some quiet reflection, you have a lesson coming in self ownership.

You are not entirely off point with your victim mentality, the system is lacking, but if anything, that is even more reason to own your situation. One step at a time, one bright light in the dark, we can blaze a new trail towards decency and a common thread of respect for humanity.

Blessings dear ones

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