Rebirth of Mars // July 26th 2017

Occurring about every 2 years, Mars meeting up with the sun is an important time offering a reevaluation of what motivates your actions.  The next few weeks will teach you a ton, if you are willing to look and listen.  Notice where 4 degrees Leo is in your chart, expect ch ch ch changes in that area of life, a reorientation for the better, here Is a channeling for this experience today.

Realigning with Self

Whatever sparks you to action isn’t really that important, a key aspect of Mars or Aries energy, just get moving.  However, after kicking things off and getting the ball rolling, please take a moment to realign and consider your current motivations.

Very often we are inspired to do something out of anger or frustration. Luckily, anger and frustration are very powerful and when transmuted can lead to fabulous productivity.
Once you are out of the gate, where do you go? No longer is it just enough to resist and resent that which motivated you to begin. You need a plan, you need a direction, something to ground you.

Continuing with anger and raging against the machine will inevitably leave you alone or surrounded by other recalcitrant individuals.  
Be grateful for what motivated you, whether it is a corrupt system or abuse from childhood, you were gifted the exact amount of fuel that you needed to arrive at this current moment.

Release the connection to these past event by showing gratitude as they have sculpted that which you are.  

If you feel lacking in the ability to appreciate yourself fully as you are, then please join the club 🙃.  
Keep your eyes focused on what you desire within your existence, you have the chance to own the moment and sculpt your dreams. If you take a good hard look, you will see that resentments and stories about the past will only be monkey wrenches and anchors on your journey forward, the complete opposite of what they were designed to be… FUEL 🔥🔥🔥

Burn the bridge to your past, for it is only illusion anyway, fire ceremony for the soul. With the key addition of GRATITUDE, this process is elevating and enlightening. No one besides YOU has decided that you have to suffer.

Xx the only way out is to OWN it xX

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