Gemini Sun opposed Saturn // June 14-15

your brain may hurt today, simplify
The light of the sun is wirey and electrical under the sign of Gemini. His liveliness pulses through us as waves of inspiration, irritation, and downright exhaustion.
The mind knows no bounds and limits can be lacking… 25 days in, we find a connection with Saturn.
has your Geminoid archetype gone off the deep end? Do you know how to catch your breath? Has the world gotten too far behind or ahead of you? Time to land the spaceship for a day and see whats really going down.
With Saturn in Rx, you may have to sink just a bit deeper to understand WTH is going on. Structural issues involving the bones and teeth may ask for a bit more attention, rest and breathing should be adequate for most annoyances. That is, if you don’t delay action for too long.
I would never advise to be procrastinative, but if you have to, do it on a day where Saturn plays a minor role, which is not right now 😉
Oh, BTW, Saturn can feel like an over-restrictive governance… remember that it is YOU who allows the rules and regulations of the world to motivate your actions and choices. Regardless of the seeming or potential penalty… YOU are the final say in your life direction.
Enjoy yourself, starting with the full moon last week we are stepping into a new arena, the Gods are awakening and they will continue to show us some semblance of earthly (if not universal) truth.
Pay attention to details!!! And watch your tongue, Saturn will give that sharp Gemini mind a place to ground and EFFECT others, don’t stumble over resistance, mountains aren’t climbed downhill my friends.
Finally, with these two interacting, watch your timing and estimates, double check numbers and give yourself an extra fifteen minutes to get places or leave the house.
Xx Time is a series of very specific imaginary checkpoints xX

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