Awareness, Clarity, and Exhaustion

We step into the week with a tremendous amount of clarity and vision. The new moon is just a small part of a deeper process but is offering a calm in the storm. The eclipse window is just behind us and should have opened up a few doors that are often kept closed. Who knows what each of us has uncovered. One thing is for sure… we are changed in a fundamental fashion. The way in which this all plays out is yet to be seen.

This week, we are spirited but may lack the full push to engage in all out transformation. It is best to step back, and observe yourself, while making small yet powerful changes to long standing patterns. If we have been deceiving ourselves, avoiding things, or running away, it’s a good time to stand and watch closely.

However it is important to be vigilant. Create a game plan to improve your lot.
Whatever is stressing you, when you can take a sober look at it, you’ll find a deep reserve of strength that isn’t always so directly available.

Issues that may be surfacing during this time... Finances, debt, addictions, indulgence, compulsions, escapism, scapegoating, obsessions, victimization, and chronic stressful thoughts. Mental illness, depression, trauma of all types, childhood wounding, grief.

In addition, anything that hasn’t been discussed and requires attention is likely to surface.

We have been brought to the depths after being blown open, it requires A LOT more to avoid the realities that we face.

As things come to the surface, it is important to remember a few things…

  • Not everyone needs to hear your input… unless someone asks for it, do not offer.
  • Some wounds stay with us forever... learn to live with the feelings that come with knowing a deep truth.
  • Collective wounds are personal wounds… the more that we begin to care about others, the less differentiation there is between personal and collective wounding. It can be easy to fall into victim mindset, but it will only serve to hurt your ability to help. See the wounds as a loving messenger of connection. Everyone needs to heal, and we give each other permission when we take responsabilty for what we feel.
  • The tip of the iceberg… while it may feel that we understand things on a new level, there is nuance and even more depth. Try not to start a battle or a war over these newly surfacing feelings and insights. As my teacher always said ‘beyond mountains there are more mountains’.

Where we go next is determined by what we do now. So take your time, consider your options. As the collective feels the pressure of the recent changes, there may be a movement to bifurcate and to agree or disagree with certain viewpoints. Don’t listen to any of that noise. Keep your head held high and follow your own path. Judgements from others are signs of what they are lacking. Know yourself and fill your needs first.

As humanity continues to evolve a more objective approach to life itself, we will start to align with the wisdom of the universe. Life isn’t supposed to be ANY specific way. It is ours to make what we want from it. Everyday, in every way, we are learning and growing. Keep going.

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