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We are expanding in to the parts of ourselves that we often deny or suppress.

Collectively this looks like a lot of projection and frustration. Over the next few years, the biggest issues we face will be the ones that we don’t ever talk about. The things that we take for granted.

If we use resources as an example…
Where does the food come from?
Why are we slaves to other human beings?
Why do we work everyday just to pay for our homes?
Why do we pay for electricity, water, heat?
Why do we pay to file taxes? As the government simply prints money?
Why do these same taxes go to fund wars in foreign lands?
Why do these wars cost the lives of our citizens and citizens of others countries?

In order to move forward into a new age, we must look at what is happening.
This is not just true on a collective level, but on a personal and interpersonal level.
You may find that right now you are seeing yourself and how you relate to others. Patterns that have been unfolding for decades are now able to be seen from a unique perspective.

Cognitive dissonance is powerful. So too, is the desire to survive and take care of our loved ones.

The major difficulties of our time have to do with this dynamic.
Resources are wasted daily on highly ineffective endeavors in the realms of science, government, medicine, space exploration, and entertainment. Meanwhile, many don’t have basic necessities. They do not have the time and energy to challenge the status quo that feeds those at the top.

From the moment that you are born, if you do not have resources (money) available to you, you will suffer and possibly die. All of us were born into this situation. It’s a stark reality and also a great reason to celebrate life and all that we DO have.

These things must change. As the solar system turns and the galaxy spins, the wake up alarm is already ringing.

When you look at the elections, the food, the healthcare.
When you look at the religions and the consumption.
When you look at war and the financial disparities.
It is very easy to see that the world is behind the times.

We are on the precipice of incredible changes. These changes will be unlike anything we have seen before. Changes that occur in the blink of an eye. We can speculate as to how these changes occur, but it is clear that the change is necessary and quite imminent.

While the time that we exist in fairly short, the development of issues over years and generations has a fairly gentle arc. We can have an impact on the way in which things change. The way that each of us responds to the atrocities and injustices… this can assist in quickening the shift and lessening the challenging impact. The more that each of us think for ourselves, we bring new insight into the lexicon that can be used to solve quandaries and foster unique solutions.

Many still treat the world and its affairs as if it is a menu at a restaurant. They look at the options presented to them and choose one. They sit and wait for their food to be brought to them. The media consistently offers a (not so wide) range of options on any issue. The problem is that we are dumb.

When we allow our options to be prescribed for us, we lose our personal power. Choosing whether to sleep on the floor or the cot in my prison cell is not freedom of choice. The ‘viable’ options presented to us by the existing power structure are not freedom of choice. The options are part of a controlled experiment to ensure that those in power stay in power.

The schools are designed to produce model citizens in a mechanism that prizes productivity and could care less for creativity and health. A daycare so that parents can work while their children become the workers of the future. A sterilization of the innocent yet wildly creative instinct with which we are born.

The simplest example of the ‘dumbing’ down of our world is the ‘me versus you’ construct. The ‘I am a liberal and you are conservative’ for example, is a clear sign of ignorance to the nuance of politics and community. Many get lost in it, it is quite easy to lose yourself. We identify with some side and then defend it. We don’t know just how clueless we look to those who don’t participate in such idiocy.

Yes, choose your sides, make your vote if it feels right. However, to take it to the extreme of assessing others based on political affiliation… you need a hug and a meditation break, honey.

This political example is just one way of showing the ‘me versus you’. Almost any issue that comes up in our world has its dramatic play of this dynamic. Each side has its very passionate reasons why they are in the ‘right’. In the end, the hatred and venom spread towards the opposing viewpoint is a complete waste of vital life force energy.

Humanity would be far better suited to look inward and discover exactly why we are so quick tempered and easily divided. The separation and attacks on each other is a symptom of an imbalanced societal structure. The dividing issue is simply a trigger to expose the underlying frustration and angst.

We can find love for one another, and we need to.

Hate of all types is terrible for our health, our children, our pets, our society. our community. It is a dark monster that always seeks to feed. I don’t think I need to quote eastern philosophy here, right? We all know that being angry at something outside of us only works to hurt us, not them.

When we carry hate for long enough, the symptoms show up in our bodies. Just like any drug that is bad for us, the chemicals released in our bodies when we succumb to anger, rage, and hatred eat away at us. You may be a sober raw food vegan that exercises daily, but if you are full of hatred and anger your health will continually suffer until you confront the root.

Our individual journeys with hatred and anger will bring us closer to our soul and personal development. In today’s world, they will find us in one way or another. That doesn’t mean, however, that we should allow issues that transpire outside of our control to spin us out into a maelstrom of chaos.

One day I might just have to run into a burning building to save someone. That doesn’t mean I should have a room in my house that is constantly burning.

Save your energy for the battles that truly need you. Use discernment to engage that which requires your input and attention. Those times will come. Practice patience and build your light quotient. You will be healthier and happier during the process and stronger when the time comes for you to step forward.

Basically, don’t sweat the small stuff. It’s not your job to save the world. Do what you can with your personal life and choices. If anything ever feels that it is a gap too far to bridge… walk away and find another route.

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