Endings don’t mean it’s over

Things come to an end. A film, a job, a day, a relationship. But that doesn’t mean the experience is over.

The experience we have within any situation is a journey into ourselves. An exploration of the knowable universe through the lens of that situation.

Each ending represents a bookmark or a checkpoint. A critical juncture in whatever we are learning.

Faces and places change but the core of the connection really does not. At most, perhaps it goes on hiatus.

Often, however, we don’t miss a beat.

If we ride a bus as part of a journey home, the journey isn’t over when we get off the bus.

In much the same way, whatever you were learning and invested into a relationship isn’t over when you go through a loss or break up.

We are still making our way back home, and the teacher has disappeared from the outer and reassembled within yourself. Soon enough, that teacher will reappear in the outer world.

Our drive to recreate what we experienced in the past is an inner knowing that, despite what it may appear to be, lessons and journeys don’t end.

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