The Gemini Sagittarius Axis

Upcoming full moon asks us to make something out of our neurotic and spastic energy.

Friday June 9th // 9:10 AM Est 6:10 AM PST
Working with the Gemini Sagittarius axis always speaks to changeable and excitable experiences. With the changing of the moons nodes fairly recent, The Loe-Esque intentions of the moon are felt in our hearts, our passions, our desires.

You may have noticed a difference recently from the Virgo (mental detached analytical critical insightful) to Leo (heart centered passionate self referencing romantic).

This moon has all the trappings of Astrological Adrenal Fatigue.

Everything and everyone is just a bit more excitable, flammable, aggressive, passionate. This includes your thoughts and emotional states. From now until Saturday morning, someone is spiking your coffee or even your green juice.

For now, consider how you deal with anxiety. How do you take advantage of a day off? Extra income, what would you do with it?

In a world that seems hellbent on lack mentality, how do you integrate the innate abundance that is life?

Do you stand around and try to notice more things to fix? (Then you likely have a prominent Virgo in your chart 🙃). We literally create our problems so that we have something to do/talk about/focus on.

The interior world is dangerous, or at least it seems that way. Certain emotions and thought patterns threaten our weak sense of self. Sometimes we are strong enough to move forward through them, sometimes they cut us down in our prime, other times, we just look to the outside world because the inner is just too damn uncomfortable.

This full moon has it all. Energy outside, energy inside, no relief in any direction unless it is intentionally chosen. 

In my readings with clients, the sag Gemini access always points to something unsettled, while also unbridled (pain for pleasure). In working with these individuals I find that movement is a natural star, be it mental, emotional, or physical. Those with prominent Gemini and Sag are on the lookout for the next available anything to explore and hopefully enjoy (or at least size up and learn from).

The necessity for simplicity is the beautiful cry in the silent night of this full moon. We have so many things, so many friends, multiple cars, whatever food we choose and sometimes it feels like it’s not enough. Well maybe it is ENOUGH, maybe it’s just too damn much!!
Today and for the rest of the week, I am giving away crystals and possessions in preparation for a move in the coming weeks and months. I would recommend doing the same, with possessions, with jobs, with responsibilities and specifically obligations.
Friday’s moon is a symbol of how excessive we have become, expect to be asked to show both restraint and kindness to those who have less than you.

With Sag involved, this is very likely to mean a sharing of deep spiritual wisdom!! Get some time in with children, they are full of it!!

Finally the Sag axis speaks to the inspiration felt from the higher power. The man who reads a passage from a holy book and goes out to evangelize the world with his godly lube of dogmatic direction. Gemini is the inquisitive one, never satisfied with answers, seeking to understand the answer, then to understand understanding.

These two working in tandem can bring the height of spiritual and intellectual competence and inspiration. Be careful of arguing, during this time, everyone is right, unto themselves and their universe.

The moon will do what the moon does, carve out our insides and serve them on a platter for us to asses chew and digest.

More on that soon 🔮

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