Flowing with the New Moon

New Moon in Gemini May 25 2017

Exact @ 3:45 PM Est

New Moon energy fosters a feeling of longing. Underneath this longing is desire.
It may be a desire for something in the future
It may be a desire for something immediate
The most helpful scenario is the longing that is connected to desires for specific outcomes in the past…

Clearing the Substrate

We tell ourselves everyday the way in which we would like things to be. As human beings in an awakening age, it is very natural to seek to improve, to attain, to accomplish, and to be a pioneer of BEingness. Very often things move so quickly that we barely have time to acknowledge where oh where our minds go.
Upon meeting someone, your may immediately begin to assess the merits, pitfalls, downfalls, and overall potential of this person in your reality. The same is true for any venture in your life. Depending on the way in which this new stimulus impacts you, the stories could run very deep without ever being acknowledged.
The new moon is an opportunity to feel the unrequited (and often unrealistic and damaging) desires and attachments from the past in the form of emotion and feelings.  This creates a new space to focus on the now and the future, as opposed to the past which has zero potential to change.
You are tilling the soil and finding seeds that never germinated or perhaps were separated from their sprout before roots could take hold.
As far as the ‘sadness’ goes that can accompany new moons, keep in mind that there is some ‘death’ occurring in your psyche. To boot, the vividness of lunar experience (intuition, emotion, peace) is crystal clear with minimal influence as the moon appears dark.  The combination can feel overwhelming and depressing. On new moons, I offer myself active projects that keep my body moving, taking breaks now and then to completely clean my workspace and sit for 5-10 minutes at a time in contemplation or journaling.
This back and forth allows the old roots to be churned about, loosening rocks and soil, releasing that delicious earthy aroma 😉 .  Then I sit and read my newly opened energy, with the goal of breathing love and light into these areas.
We have all heard about planting seeds on a new moon, so why in the world wouldn’t you clean up the soil first. Don’t be afraid to shake things up, and wear your feelings with pride, you are allowed to go through lows and highs whenever you choose.

Xx Dark is the perfect canvas for light xX

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