Authenticating the Self

When you tune into your own frequency the limited concepts around you, such as time and space, race and gender, begin to fall away.

The authenticity that has manifested in YOU as a living breathing human!!! This truth is a sword, a shield, it is armor to that which is FALSE.

When we lose touch with our own hearts, we become subject and victim to these collective concepts. We are not evil or broken, just looking for LOVE in all the wrong places.  
Whether it is relationships, career, or exercise… no thing can be fulfilling without first being aligned with oneself. 

Most everyone on this earth has been bombarded with constant attacks on their personal integrity. Our society tells children what they ARE, whether it is ‘mischievous boy’ or ‘cute girl’ it is all demeaning, useless, and harmful to the development of ones self concept. The same self concept that, when fully actualized, allows the individual to integrate with a larger BEingness.

Truth is both subjective and complicated. Each person is free to design their own understanding of reality.  When your relationship with your reality aligns, it is effortless and full of wondrous gifts.  When we force our world into a box, we face struggles and suffering.

Live and breathe from your heart, he/she knows the way.  Be intentional and don’t be afraid to speak up, especially around issues of imbalance and unjust actions.  Give to your brothers and sisters in order to own the gift yourself.

At the end of the day, you are you, and not that which lies outside of you. Neither are you the lies that lie within you, but a container for the expression of existence.

Xx Authenticity is the most natural of states xX

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