You are Already Aligned

The heart is in perfect alignment, the mind seeks to explore and challenge existing structures.  The mind gets bored and agitated, needing to be fed new information.
If you find that the world just seems too distracting and enticing, perhaps it is because your mind is seeking some higher quality nutrition.
Is it possible that you inner dialogue and patterning is insufficient for nurturing the self? Would you eat candy all day and expect your body to be happy? Would you starve yourself of sunshine and expect to feel good?
Why then would you put so many rules and regulations on your expression? Why would you judge yourself so harshly and create extreme standards and expect your mind to just follow you?
You can only mistreat a dog for so long before it bites you. You can only manipulate a populous for so long before they revolt.
Luckily for you, the keys are in your hand. In addition, you are drafting the ‘manual’ ‘the guidebook’ for your own being. Model (insert your name here) needs some very specific love and energy, give it to (insert your name here).
Finally, don’t take the world too seriously, the emotions that flood your body from time to time are signals, markers, and boundary points. These floods remind us of the choices we have made or refuse to make, treat them as such.
If you don’t like where you are, consider the choices you have made prior to your circumstance.  In the future, if you seek to avoid this emotional turmoil, MAKE DIFFERENT CHOICES.

Xx Life is a series of choices, take you time xX

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