The Green Dragon // Assist at Standing Rock

The green dragon seeks to eat the greed of the world.  Dragon energy is powerful beyond the understanding of human minds and eyes.

Dragons are loyal but also independent, and they are a key holder for the new Aquarian age.

Call on the green dragon to help where greed is implicated.

GREEN DRAGON INVOCATION FOR STANDING ROCK // Special Channeling by Divine Feminine Soul Sister Witch Warrior :: resonating the Native ancestors and Earth Connection

“I call to the Green Dragon. I call to you mighty one who is here to protect this planet and all her natural resources. I call to you, who eats the greed, eats the bottomless consumption for power, to be here now stronger than ever. I call to you, Green Dragon, to eat the gluttony of over consumption, to eat the greed that is trying to destroy sacred lands. I call to you to eat the greed out of the hearts of the diseased and the need for power and domination out of consciousness of the ones sick with capitalism. We need you more than ever. Mother Earth needs you. The ancestors need you. The future needs you. Where there is greed and hate now be replaced with an open heart and love. 


Praise and gratitude to you Green Dragon. Hail and blessed be.”

Put an end to the actions of the world motivated and initiated by greed.  Through your support, we find the strength to continue in the face of adversity.  We seek your assistance at this moment and in all moments.  Our goals are for a unified Earth essence.  Dear divine being, we ask for your specific assistance in the support of the Earth dwelling water protectors at Standing Rock North Dakota.  Consume and destroy the energy of greed and protect the valuable resources of the Earth.  We thank you for your service”

XX keep speaking up for the Earth XX

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