Full Moon in Gemini // The Magic of Realism // 12.13.2016

December 13 04:06 pm (PST) 05:06 pm (MST) 06:06 pm (CST) 07:06 pm (EST)

The exasperated yet cunning sensibilities of the Gemini mind.  Ruled by the planet Mercury, this quick witted sign is never short on ideas.  The key to all of the mess ((and yes Gemini energy is a mess, deal with it)) is to find the true treasure in the sea of random things.  Like dancing on a razors edge, the true genius of Gemini will show herself only when honed, guided, and directed.

Tonight we experience a full moon in the sign of Gemini @ 22°.  This is what is referred to as the third decan.  This means that the moon will be exhibiting an Aquarian flare.  The bigger ideas are up for questioning here.  The ability to lie to oneself would be nearly impossible during this time.   Thus, there is great healing afforded during this full moon.

We are each responsible for our own path, even when this path crosses with those we consider “evil-doers” or “terrible people”, if you find it challenging to be around someone, regardless of their relation or position in your life, you are choosing to engage that person/being/lesson.

This moon speaks to the uselessness and toxic quality of complaining, how it doesn’t actually get us ‘nowhere’, but in fact it brings us closer and makes us more enveloped by the situation we “complain” or “whine” about.  This gemini full moon will show you, in not so many words, how you are being a “pain in the ass” to yourself.

Could there be a more valuable lesson in life?  Then to know and see how you are the master of your own reality?  In considering this, I ask you to also open up to the idea of being WRONG, of FAILING, of MISSING THE MARK.  This moon, if you are willing to look, will show you just how little you know about other people.  While simultaneously giving you the exact opportunity ((if you are interested)) to get to know them… ALL ABOUT THEM!

During this holiday season which is filled with the energy of family and reminiscing, use this moon to reevaluate your familial connections.  Take a second to consider what you actually know about your mother, father, child, brother, sister.  Push through the weaker parts of yourself for this evening and engage a higher level of truth beyond emotional attachment.  Why do you feel obligated to be in certain places at certain times?  Are you able to stare at your true motivations without jumping to a rousing and reactionary conclusion?  This pattern can be a challenge for the Gemini moon.  While the genius of this sign is palpable, it is not always known for remembering or capitalizing on this innate gift.  The Moon being fully lit and inspired by the Sagittarius sun, and it’s transit through the third decan speaks to a time to CAPITALIZE on these energies.

From the summit of Mt. Olympus ((Sag/Jupiter)), Hermes ((Mercury)) sets course to reach the edges and boundaries of the known universe ((The mind/Gemini)) to find some rousing inspiration ((Sag/Jupiter)).








Along came Saturn

Chronos // Saturn

Here is the kicker…  Just days prior to this moon,  the Sun found itself in a conjunction with the planet Saturn.  Once a year this happens, imbuing our vitality with a sometimes strict and seemingly harsh sense of reality.  ((Just hours before the full moon, Saturn will be opposed to sed Moon, having a similar effect on our emotional bodies)) This can come as revelations, this can come as cynicism, or it could come as downright negativity.  One way or the other, we are asked to be a bit more frugal in our expression and to appropriate our gifts in a more conscious and practical fashion.


Thus, we have our Sag/Jupiter/Mercury/Gemini inspired full moon blessed with the energy of Saturn.  To me, the full moon during Sagittarius is usually a time to celebrate with a capital “FUN” but perhaps Saturn has other plans this season.

Saturn’s role in affecting the sun and moon during this time would say this… “Beware of the pitfalls inspired by overdoing things.  Where there is optimism there is also room to blind oneself from the deeper truths.  Remember that all things are built upon a structure, and despite the beautiful window dressing, it is that deeper structure that rules the true and everlasting expression.”

Saturn doesn’t mess around, and until the next aspect of the moon, expect this layover of practical “Dad’isms” to haunt your desire to check out and have fun.

The afterburn…Mars

The next aspect, in fact, will occur later this evening around Midnight EST and 9 PM PST when the Moon trines Mars.  To me, this is the release point for any residual tension from the full moon.  With Mars in the sign of Aquarius, we may just have a yummy existential orgasm of sorts if we allow for it.  Energy is going to desire to leave your body, your emotions, your mind.  I recommend dancing, singing, cleaning, journaling, or if you seek a distinct and possibly painful challenge, an extended meditation.

Get what you need for yourself, and remember that feelings may still be a little raw as people are fully expressed and tired tomorrow at work.  Spread love and grace.


One thing is certain, tonight may not be a night to try and get to bed early, and in fact it may be advisable to take a nap right now or reschedule any early plans that you have for tomorrow.  Remember to focus on releasing without resistance… trust me, you can do this.  If you do need to hit that hay early, try this practice.

Before settling into bed, sit with a pen and paper.  Feel the gratitude for your worldly possessions, for your warm bed, for your pets, for the meal you recently had…  Then, in your own words, write a short note to your higher self, focusing on what you desire to release.  Give permission to all of your bodies systems, emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, to let go of that which does not serve you.  Here is an example…

“To my all encompassing self, I ask that you help me shed my feelings of unworthiness.  I grant full permission to take away my resistance to self love.  In order to receive I must first be willing to create a fertile and loving environment, assist me in this process through relieving feelings and belief systems that limit my self worth.”

Put this note under your pillow, and in the morning you can throw it away or even burn it if you choose.  BTW, you can do this anytime, but full, new, and quarter moons are extra magical.

Crystal Recommendations

  1. Fluorite – staying focused, bringing structure to ideas and thought forms, relaxing the mind.
  2. Citrine – clarity and abundance, clearing out extraneous energies to make room for new flowing and inspiring activities and ventures.
  3. Hematite/Magnetite – grounding, calming of the nervous system, keeping the body safe from electro magnetic harm.

Xx There is only safety in the chambers of your heart xX


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