Uranus Oppose Jupiter // 12.26.2016

This transit is exact on the 26th of December.  However, it is already felt right now, December 18th and will build until that time.

As we say goodbye to 2016, there is very little that feels settled.  In fact, we may feel as unnerved as ever.  Besides Saturn Square Chiron ((more on this soon)) reminding us of the never-ending void within us, we have Jupiter opposed Uranus, a transit so energizing that we are literally burning the candle at both ends.

Jupiter is making it’s transit through Libra, and while most of us were happy to see Jupiter leave Virgo, we hadn’t anticipated a ping pong match between the titan of expansion and the stubborn, resistant, and electrified energy of Uranus.  Uranus currently resides in the sign of Aries.  Uranus screams at us to change, to reform, to revolutionize.  With the planet in a fire sign, we are being asked to take action.  Right now, my friends, your worst enemy is your laziness or complacency.

Alex Grey’s “Lightworker”

Jupiter is trading moments with Uranus in Aries, the two are passing the mic back and forth, and as we get closer to the exact opposition on December 26, they are beginning to sync up and have a unified message.

As separate units, Jupiter is easily pleased by some social exploration, some digging, some communicating, perhaps some intense family issues, but nothing too serious.  Uranus in Aries has us all satisfied with being fried by technology, working hard at, well, something.  In March of 2019, Uranus will enter Taurus, major shifts will come.  Practical and grounded changes of stubborn institutions and belief systems.  But for now, we have Uranus in Aries, defiance to the system, to the patterns, to logic, to science as we know it.  Uranus in Aries energy is contented by simply changing things for the sake of trying something new, starting lots of projects and walking away with minimal attachment.

Don’t get me wrong, Uranus is always attempting to promote systemic and Meta-improvements, but this tendency to consider the larger picture is inhibited during it’s transit through “act-first think-later” Aries.

Let’s put these puzzle pieces together shall we…

First a word on oppositions.  Oppositions occur when two planets ((including the moon, the sun, and comets)) are within Orb ((relatively close)) to 180° apart from one another.  As of today, December 18th, the planets are within 1°.  That is plenty close enough to cause our bodies to buzz at night instead of sleeping.

Oppositions qualitatively are experienced as a “hard-to-balance” yet “highly rewarding” trial.  When planets are opposed to one another, it takes the world by storm.  Because Uranus is involved, we of course will experience some inner disruption and turmoil, but oppositions ((unlike conjunctions)) will manifest in the outer world ((for more information on how it will directly affect you, reach out to James for a reading)).

During this next ten days, do not be surprised by issues being blown out of proportion before they become invisible, only to be changed yet again.  Policies worldwide are up for discussion and revolution ((Jupiter in Libra being hit by Uranus)).

While Uranus consistently leads to change and revolution, sadly, it does not always lead to a better condition.  Remember that Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius.  Aquarians are great when they are great.  On the flip side, these individuals have the power to completely tear down your self concept.  They know just what string to pull to leave you completely naked at your most vulnerable moment.  With Jupiter in Libra, governing the fair and balanced idea of justice, expect Uranus in Aries to expose the “stupidity” the “arrogance” the “nonsensical” nature of our governing bodies and laws.

If something unfair is happening in the world, these two working together will be just what the doctor ordered.  The only problem is that the doctor is not a doctor, but perhaps more of a mad social scientist ((“there’s something in the water”)).  The changes that begin over this time will be far reaching and may tear down certain ways of thinking, ways of being, and ways of ruling.  Because Uranus is in retrograde, expect the revolutionary side of things to be more focused and less intense and shocking.  Come the new year, however, shit will literally hit the fan.

Jupiter seems to awaken Uranus, as within two days of the opposition being exact, Uranus leaves its retrograde and starts it’s forward determined motion.  The new year festivities should be one to remember ((more on that soon)).

So much action going on…

Saturn’s influence…

To add to all of this, Saturn is in a Trine with Uranus and will also play a major role.  Saturn’s influence will be much more friendly and will create a leak of energy out of this tense relationship between Uranus and Jupiter.  Saturn in Sagittarius offers us the opportunity to make an inspired and practical change out of all this mixed up and sometimes kookie energy.

As an astrologer, I always see Saturn’s call as the path of the most efficient.  Somehow, though, we often lose ourselves in the restrictive ways of thinking that go along with Saturn’s steadfast rules.  With a positive aspect to Uranus, I don’t expect this to be an issue.  I suspect that with Saturn’s aspect to Chiron, we may be in for some healing towards the ‘patriarchy’, be it a person, an idea, our own father, or an institution.

Venus as a Helper…

Just the day prior to the exact aspect, Venus in Aquarius makes trine to Jupiter in Libra.  ((Christmas Day deserves its own post, and will have one)).  Venus trine Jupiter is one of the most pleasant feelings I can imagine.  Were it not for many other aspects, I would say that this is an awesomely sublime day.  However, knowing what we know with Saturn and Uranus, we can see Venus for who she truly is, a beautiful soother of souls.

Here presence will help to belay some of the more toxic and caustic energy, raising it to a higher vibration ((venus in aquarius)).  While she may be fussy, Venus in Aquarius can embody the right energy at the right time, so expect some steam to be released on Christmas eve and Christmas day.

things are changing

On a personal level…

This transit has been building for a while, and undoubtedly some part of your psyche is becoming weaker and weaker.  Think of it this way, “only the strong survive”.  This will be true for your beliefs and ideologies in the months and year to come.  What makes an ideology or belief strong?  Well, with Jupiter in Libra and Uranus in Aries implicated, the belief must feel “right” and “balanced”.  If you have been clinging to an old way of doing things, this transit might just be the one that causes the foundation to finally crumble.

Upgrading the way you view the world is no longer just recommended, it is a necessity.  If you are still waking up every morning expecting to not face frustration from your outside world, this time may remind you that the world is a complicated place, and you are not immune to the affairs of those around you.

If you are still blaming a subset of the population for the world’s problems, expect the issues to come knocking on your door.  This is a time of karmic internal retribution.

In my eyes, this opens the doors to heaven.  Our eyes are opening.  We have an opportunity to see that our delusions are just that, delusional.  We know very little about people, especially our families, even more so people who come from different economic, ethnic, or cultural backgrounds.  Our belief systems about these people and their practices are in no way based on reality or actual study.  They are in fact haphazard collections of first hand or vicarious experience combined with emotional reactionary ((sometimes fear based)) impressions.

If you have found that you are fighting some ideological battles recently, just step back, let Uranus do it’s job.  If still, after the first few months of the year, people still hold tight to arrogant, racist, sexist, and otherwise fear based mindsets, you can be DAMN sure that there isn’t a thing in the world that YOU can do about it.  It would be best to remove their influence from your life.


Xx Light comes to you in the Darkest of Days xX

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