New Moon in Capricorn 12.28.16 // Capitalizing on the Shift

New Moon in Capricorn

December 28th // 11:53 PM Mountain 10:53 PM Pacific December 29th // 1:53 AM Eastern 12:53 AM Central  

Mercury Retrograde within 1° <> Exact Sextile Mars in Pisces <> Sextile with Neptune in Pisces 3:53 AM EST

New Moon in capricorn is a cold desolate place.  The sextile with Mars may add a feeling of physical discomfort.  Consider yourself a stoic warrior, carrying your wound as your shield.  The dead of winter sets in, as the Capricorn new moon brings a tranquil awareness of the brutal honesty that is reality.

“From the cold and dead nights of the winter, comes a living breathing being, a survivor.  Not unlike you and very much a part of you, she walks with the dead, as well as the living, nonplussed by either.  Determined to accomplish one goal, survive the harshest of conditions.  Capricorn new moon embodies this spirit.”

Your senses may be long overdue for some rest.  Having just completed a Jupiter-Uranus Opposition, and just hours before Uranus leaves retrograde, the new moon offers a distinctly clear and calm view, take the opportunity to see what you can learn from the landscape.

“A windswept field of icy snow lie beneath an overcast sky.  You wouldn’t see the moon even on a clear night, for on this evening, she is sleeping.  Retreating to plan, to oversee, to investigate new inner structures.  For on her opposite side, she is brilliantly lit by our Sun, her passions burn deep.”


Looking back ::

If you were given just an hour to relive your year, where would you go?  How would you give thanks?  What important lessons might you take from the previous spin around the Sun?

With Mercury meeting both the Sun and the Moon just hours prior to the exact new moon, expect a studious look back at the past.

“The deep thinker is poetic these days, as mercury retrogrades through Capricorn.  While romancing the past is an option, it is a less likely one, as this astrological patterns begs us to craft a new way of living and being.  Finding inspiration in the nought, this time offers inspiration in the bleak, the sad, the lonely.  Bless your own life by entertaining the insights that come and perhaps, even capitalizing upon them.”

Combine all of this energy with the looming New Year’s Celebrations, and you have a great recipe for ‘cutting dead weight’, taking personal responsibility, and setting not just goals, but practical and attainable standards.  We all know that the New Year is a time to set resolutions, right?  Well this new moon asks us to take a discerning eye to our life, and decide what actually makes the cut.  If something does not excite you, consider leaving it off of your 2017 to do list.

The Boost Awaits :: Opportunities Abound

Every year, the Solstice occurs, bringing us into the deepest of Earth-bound-dark-night-depths.  The Sun, on it’s 1° per day movement through the zodiac, escapes this void completely on New Year’s Day and Huzzah, the Sun is reborn.

With the New Year Looming, this new moon is especially potent for beginning new projects.  We see it everywhere, people clambering over one another to get to the gym to work off all those sugar cookies and cocktails.  We see it in diets, people quitting smoking, or a meditation regimen.  Now, of course, not all ships reach their intended destination, but this boost is valuable and palpable, as the vitality of the Sun returns to us, having been reborn beyond the seeming horizon.

rocket-ship-launchingThe combination of cosmic energies speaks to a higher success rate on these endeavors.  The ships you sail at this new moon will reach their destination, and they may want to keep exploring afterwards.  This is an opportunity to shift behavior patterns.  The opportunity to rebuild the internal emotional structures that may have crystallized throughout the previous 12 months or perhaps longer.

At the end of a long and challenging year, and at the apex of a powerfully transformative transit ((Chiron Square Saturn)), we find a detached, thoughtful, and results-oriented lover on a cold and perhaps lonely night.  New Moon in Capricorn offers the vantage point to see what requires updating, and the motivation to enact meaningful change.  Core issues that take away your joy, your autonomy, and your sense of self worth… these are the tasks to rally around and set sail.

The Soft and Delicate Balance

Despite Capricorn’s courageous efforts to improve, renovate, and rebuild, this new moon may have us lamenting past “failures” unconsciously.  Underneath the gung-ho, run the world, lace up your bootstraps attitude, lies a deeply unsettled and often dissatisfied psyche.  The goat is born to build, to act, to do.  What would he be without some existential crisis brewing?  Basically, the motivation has to come from somewhere.

Capricorn seeks to be meaningful, purposeful, useful.  This constant burning flame may have those under the influence of capricorn doubting their own usefulness or meaning.  This motivates us to act, to do, to find, to help, to create.  It is within this creative and functional process that Capricorn finds that too-often short-lived satisfaction.  Comfortable on treacherous terrain, the capricorn may live upon a fragile identity predicated upon results and even praise from the outside world.


Capricorn, being ruled by Saturn, speaks to the paternal, the father figure, the inner authority.  Whatever has the “final say” fits this archetype.  During this moon, pay close attention to the deep responses that you have to your internal authority, as well as your interactions with outer authority.  This new moon may be just the thing you needed to have a  calm and honest conversation with your inner Dad, or if the current time fits, your biological father.

Whether you contact anyone or not, remember that support is the key to feeling loved.  When new ideas come your way, find a second or two to show your support for that person’s creative process, for their unique ideas, and feel free to highlight their innate talents.  Capricorn done right is pure character building.


Cleaning House

Capricorn has no time for wasting energy.  Take this time as an opportunity to relieve yourself of certain “responsibilities”.  If something is not worth your time, then this new moon will show you to just “drop it”.  Capricorn is a great business coach.


If you are finding it hard to muster motivation, don’t fret.  Remember that Capricorn is motivated by practical and functional tasks that provide results.  If you are finding it hard to do something, just remind yourself of what it will bring you.  Remind yourself that only “you” are capable of the task, and that you will feel better once you are in ACTION MODE.  A short self pep talk goes a long way when combined with a rational reason for taking action.

Go Get It :: Make a To Do List

Capricorn doesn’t just want to visualize success, it seeks to create it.  First and foremost however, with any endeavor, their needs to be a plan.  During this new moon, don’t just write wishes on paper, but break those wishes down into practical steps.

Dreams can certainly seem overwhelming, so parse them out into smaller tasks.  Ideally, each task is broken down into steps that you can do in one action or sitting.  In all honesty, the smaller the better.

As you break down your dreams into smaller and smaller steps, they begin to feel more manageable and practical.  This naturally builds confidence.

Maximize Your Results

It can be challenging to do everything on your own, though the Capricorn may try, he/she knows in the end that it is all about the greater good.

With the New Year’s Boost looming and the moon in well thought out and activated Capricorn, I am offering a special session designed to get you in touch with your goals, set standards for yourself, and hold you accountable for outlining the steps to your success.

In our session, I will read your natal chart, current and upcoming transits, and assist you in developing a game plan and a map for attaining your desires.  We will get real, and you will leave the call feeling empowered, motivated, and loved…

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Crystal Recommendations

  1. Rose Quartz – softening that discerning eye, staying peaceful amongst deep realizations, ease of releasing past pain
  2. Shungite – absorbs and protects from negative energies and entities, keeps you safe when traversing dark terrain, grounding and stabilizing
  3. Fluorite – structuring your thoughts and plans, bringing insight to emotional issues through detachment, organizing a fast moving mind

Xx It is only through action that you may change the world around you xX



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