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If you haven’t noticed, the world is going through a bit of a mess.  There is a reorganization of power happening.  Spearheaded by women, and inspired by injustice worldwide, we are coming into our own.  The once underground and secretive developments are rising to the surface.  Once these ugly parts of reality are out in the open, we are given the opportunity to choose between love and fear.  One is not better than the other, it is merely a personal choice.

Many people will choose to stay in fear, in the dark, in anger and victim mentality.  These people will do what any movement would do.  They will gather in groups, they will form an agenda, they will attack those who attack them, and they will defend their ideology.  The cult of fear will look to recruit you, just as an Evangelical Christian will want to sell you on the salvation you can find in Christ.  Those in the cult of fear will do the same, by explaining that their way of being “just makes sense”.  These individuals are no more “diabolical” than a telemarketer, simply doing what they feel that they need to do to survive and have meaning in their lives.  Using what is at their disposal, they will spread their philosophy and build their realities around it.

Cats are terrible telemarketers.

Some people are part of a sports cult or a nationalistic cult.  Many Americans wave their flags and hold tight to the ideal that America is the greatest place on Earth.  I am not one to argue with this, as it is their opinion and personal choice.  What I would say, is that the world is a very large place, and I would imagine that these American Nationalists probably don’t know jack about the majority of the world, but I digress.  A member of a sports cult will tell you how their team is destined for glory, or how their glory was thwarted by a tipped ball or a bad call.  These “fans” will defend their “team” at all costs and ride emotional roller coasters in the hopes of being in the winner’s circle at the end of the day.  The tie that binds is the blind allegiance to a movement or a certain sect.  With this devotional energy given to the team, religion, nation, or individual, we have given our power away to the deity, guru, emotion, substance.

A disempowered individual, whether by force or by choice, is a dangerous being for sure.  When we seek to find our power and direction outside of us, we are ripe for manipulation.  Under the guise of mob mentality, heinous acts are now justified under the terms and conditions of your specific cult.


Cults are not always a bad thing, and many movements on the planet right now do amazing things for the people, animals, and natural resources of this planet.  This, my friends, is why I write to you today.  Which group do you choose?

Are you part of the cult of fear?  Do you allow the television, the media, and the government to tell you what to think?  Even if you don’t allow them to tell you how to act or look, if they tell you what to think and what to believe, then they already have you.  What is your response when you see trauma or tragedy?  What is your response when you see racism, sexism, homophobia, and hate crimes?  Do you look the other way?  Do you grab your smartphone to video?  Do you join in and take the easy way out, believing that others are to blame for the state of your country, your less than ideal career, your emotions, your financial standing?  Or do you see yourself in that person, as opposed to projecting your insecurities onto them?

Like the mycelium connecting the roots of the trees, we too are interwoven.

The cult of love stands tall.  Love, unlike fear, does not require anything to be whole.  The cult of love does not require validation from the outside world.  We, as a group and a movement, choose to interconnect, to share resources, to eschew the drama, to make this planet a safer and more loving place for all people.  Our movement cannot be squashed by bad news, hate crimes, sociopathic leaders, or even the hardships and heartbreaks of everyday life.  As a member of the cult of love, we know to love ourselves first.  For it is by our own dutiful self care that we may share our infinite gifts with the world.

As the sun moves into Pisces, remember that the mutable water signs seeks to fill the gaps that separate us.  Effortlessly Pisces energy moves in all directions, in all spaces, at all times.  Neptune, the ruling planet of Pisces, has the effect of blurring and dissolving all boundaries, including the false belief that we are SEPARATE from others.

Neptune melts those boundaries like dark chocolate over a double boiler.  Time to emulsify with your brothers and sisters.

As we begin to come together within our individual movements, do not expect another to be able to lead you.  It will be the strength of your focus and your dedication to your intention that will decide what you manifest in this world.  During this thirty days, remember to check in with self regularly.  Take pause from the chaos of existence to recenter, refresh, and align with your highest calling.  Remember that fighting an opposing cause will only fan the flames of fear, if you want to stop of fire, starve it of attention.

Xx You create with your thoughts xX


A Prayer of Unification

“Great mystery, walk with me, within me.  I desire to see the most positive outcome for the whole of humanity.  May we as individuals align with our soul’s purpose, so that we may come together as integrated beings of light.  With our hearts, minds, and intentions united, we can and will overcome all challenges we face as a species.  May my actions create lasting change in alignment with my loving heart’s desires.  May all beings be at peace, in all places, at all times.”

Recommended Crystals

  1.  Tourmaline – grounded, boundaries, protection, strength
  2.  Tanzanite – seeing the beauty, royal self love, serenity
  3.  Ruby – warmth, self nurturing, activates passions


About the Author

As an Intuitive Healer and Psychic Astrologer, James uses his empathic and psychic gifts to offer a supportive healing environment to his clients.  Spirit speaks through James in many forms including mediumship, visions, and direct messages from spirit guides.  All messages arimg_7424.jpge expressed with the ultimate goal of offering the most practical, direct, and painless healing path as is possible for those who seek his services.  James is a modern medicine man, and through healing his own mental and physical health challenges has learned the magic of plant and energy based healing.  Pulling upon the Earth’s ancient traditions of maintaining a balanced body, James will recommend crystals, supplements, and mindfulness activities to best align with your style to further bolster your growth and confidence.

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